Monday, April 23, 2012

Share the Beauty! Face Beauty Tips!

It's another week of sharing our favorite beauty weapons that make us all look all pretty and junk.

This weeks prompt was "face beauty".

Now ever since I got bangs people have been telling me that I look like a porcelain doll. Side note: my nationality is 100% italian. One would never guess this due to my transparent skin and green eyeballs. Pretty sure there was a baby swap at the hospital-but I've grown to love my family so I just didn't question it.

Anyway, I need all the "face beauty" I can get. I don't tan and I don't have much color in my face. Instead of pinching my cheeks to get some color into them I have turned to less painful methods and have reached out to blushes and bronzers.


I have always been a huge fan of blush. It just helps ya look fresh and awake. I have gone through hundreds of brands of blush. Finally I have found thee one. NARS is an excellent brand of cosmetics. Their colors are vivid and will last once they are swept on your cheeks. I use my blush and it takes me a good year to go through an entire thing of NARS blush.

I love the color "angelika". Its this bizarre mix of a muted hot barbie pink. It also has a hint of glitter in it-not like "1990s Christina Aguilera borderline porn star" glitter, but a very subtle amount of glitter that when the light hits your face you can see a bit of sparkle. The color looks SUPER intimidating but once I brushed it on my cheeks it looked really natural because the color blended into my skin, it didn't just "lay" on top of it. It didn't look as though I was applying eyeshadow to my cheeks.


Now, I was never a "bronzer" fan. Let's be honest, I am pale as fudge (I know what you're thinking "fudge isn't pale", well if any of you have seen "a christmas story" then you would know that "I didnt say fudge" just there)
So I was really super nervous to try out a bronzer on my light skin because, well, I didn't want my face to look super cute and sunkissed yet my neck look like the white reflector tape around those stop signs.

I got my first bronzer in that bare minerals sampler kit. I gave it a go and I absolutely LOVED IT. The trick to this is that A LITTLE GOES A LONG LONG LOOONG way. The pigment is SUPER intense so go easy with it at first. Also a little tip: when applying this stuff first apply to your face, then with any remainder left over on the brush just do a quick swoop around your jawline and neck to blend it in a bit. My one friend does not blend in her bronzer and there is a distinct line of brown around her jawline. It freaks me out. She looks like she has a chin-strap goatee and I have a hard time looking her in the eye.

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