Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Share the Beauty! Whats your favorite foundation?

Hey Loves! Welcome to "foundation week" at the Share the Beauty Link up Party! Even if you're not linking up I hope you all are experiencing some new awesome products out there that you didnt know existed!

Now just like last weeks when we talked about face care I have another confession for this weeks prompt: I don't really use foundation all that often.

Now before you get all "you suck you are blessed with the skin of an angel" you should know that I have THEE WORSE under eye circles known to man kind.

When the zombie apocalypse happens I'll be super prepared. I wont do my under eye make up that day and then the zombies will think I am one of them, thus sparing my brains.

Wow, ok, I totally just talked about the zombie apocalypse on my blog just now.

Some of you might remember this post here where I share my all time favorite foundation products for conquring under eye circles. I even included a fancy tutorial on how to battle them. So instead of repeating myself you can go to this link to learn how to not be a zombie.

(see my dark circle tips here!)

BUT I do love me some foundation for when I am feeling friskaaay. (ok, fact: I never actually feel "frisky". By feeling frisky I mean going to a wedding or seeing people from high school 10 years later)

So when I want to even out my skin tone I use (DUN DUN NA DUUUUN) (just go with it, I am trying to be all dramatic)

So I was using my hand dandy bare minerals powder for all over even coverage for forever and a day. I never wanted to ever use "fluid-y" type of foundation in fear of, well, I dont know what I feared.

When I realized that bare minerals literally uses minerals it kinda made me nervous knowing I was inhaling rock dust everyday. I went to MAC and got a fun little make over (you can get one too! Just buy 2 products from them and you get a FULL makeover) and the girl put this stuff on me.


I love it I love it I LOVE IT. You do have to apple it with a big 'ol "blush brush" type of brush. I just take a q-tip, put it in the goop, dab it onto the brush then swirl it on my face. It is so light and non-greasy I don't even know I am wearing it. It is great for just evening out your skin tone and to give you a little "glow".  It's not cakey and doesn't feel like its clogging my poors.

Now, with anything that you are putting on your face it will not totally stay put. So my other secret weapon is:

Now I actually mention this spray in the above "remove under eye circles" tutorial. I spritz this stuff on my face to keep all my make up in place. I use it for my foundation, concealer and blush. Trust me, it is SO WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY YOU HAVE EVER EARNED (yes, I needed to yell at there really quick, I didnt like it either but it needed to be done)

wanna join the party and tell the world what hair tools make you swoon? Just link up to either my blog post, Lauren's or Heather's where your link will show up on all 3 of our blogs!

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Week 7- Face Beauty: Blush, Bronzer, Face Primer etc 

We thought you guys would like to know ahead of time what prompts you can contribute to! Here is the list of future Share the Beauty Party Topics! We will be going in this order:

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