Tuesday, April 3, 2012

VLOG! how to get on the etsy front page

Umm, what you are about to see below is 4 minutes of pure awkwardness. Enjoy.


  1. Haha that made me.feel awkward. fun stuff

  2. love this, leonora :) thanks for the tips, there were several i hadn't heard before, & i appreciate it!
    ps: i wish i had huge eyeballs, too 8)

  3. pretty much the best vlog in, um, ever. i thought i loved you before... but now? just totally more awesome. thanks for all the tips. and all your awkwardness. and for keeping it real. (the bangs look awesome!)

  4. awkward. yes. but I'm sure I would have been 10x worse.'

    but really, really great tips too! I've always known about treasury teams, but and good photography, but I didn't put two and two together to realize how important color was. Will definitely be thinking more about that in the future.

    Thank you!

  5. Lol!! Too cute! Really great advice. I'm a newbie and this is was so helpful oh and hilarious.

  6. I agree, that was a super-fun way to present your tips. It's one thing to type them all out but getting them from you in person makes it way more sink-in-able and my eyes don't glaze over as much as they do when reading mass amounts of text. :) So thank you for taking the time to tape (or I guess I should say 'record') that and post it!


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