Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Faves! Mint and Coral!

Confession Alert: I totally wanna eat all these friday faves.

Not that any of them are edible, just go with it.

((yo santa--this would look ballin' under my xmas tree this year. Not sayin', just sayin')) ((Also? I really love lockets. It's like I get to hide something super secret inside of there and no one has to know. Pretty sure in my past life I was a super secret spy))

2. Little Miss Cotton Candy - The Cupcake Girls

((I wanna take this lil doll and put her in my pocket))

((say it with me now..."yes"))

4. polka-dot .vintage. hair bow - The Vintage Closet

((I wanna wear this bow while eating a ton of candy off a very fast conveyor belt)) ((channeling your inner "i love lucy" anybody?)) ((lucyyyyy you got some 'splaining to dewww))

5. Paper Garland Hearts - Yellow Bird Yellow Beard

((Screw tinsel, my tree needs to be wrapped up in these lovelies))

6. Handmade Rubber stamp - Creatiate

((super fun to add to packages! Handmade with care, love, and some BOOM BOOM POW)) ((what? you don't use any boom boom pow when making your swag?))

((to-do lists just got a lot more fun folks))

what are your faves?

Happy Friday Friends! (Dear Weekend: I love you, don't ever leave me again)


  1. oooooo, that paper hear garland is SO pretty! Love the colors.

  2. What fantastic finds! I love that Little Miss Cotton Candy. Too cute! Thank you for sharing these wonderful items :)

  3. love that heart paper garland! i also love the big hair bow - so fun!

  4. cotton candy head!!!
    I want it all please!!!!

  5. OK, Cotton Candy head is killin' me. YES.

  6. oh-love your list!
    thanks so much for including my locket in these sweet finds!


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