Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Works In Progress Wednesday! The "New Stuff!!" Edition

Now that we had to move the clocks back (or forward? I forget, I can't keep track of this stuff) by the time I get home from my full time graphic design gig there is ZERO daylight for me to take any photos of new swag I make for the shop!

This is so stinkin' stressful because every weekend I have to do an "anti-rain" dance to make sure the weather gods have mercy on me and have sunny skies for my product shots.

Didya know there was an "anti-rain" dance? Me either. Basically I just do "the sprinkler" repeatedly in our living room.

Bubs has learned to ignore any and every random action I do for now on.
Unsure if I am ok with this yet or not. But it seems to work for us.

But here is what I took pictures of this past weekend!

Some completely NEW products! Introducing some bling-bling for your hair/scarf/cardigan/dog's collar (Hey, pooches deserve to be in fashion too ya know)

you can find more of these cay-oot flower lovelies here.

Each one was hand designed by me on the computer, then placed on fabric, sewed to felt and attached to an alligator clip & pin so it can either be hair swag or jacket bling.

We even added some more fun Squishable Art! Our "his and her undies" pillow sets in Mustard & Gray and Blue & Deep Red. Perfect for those quriky couples, bachelorette parties & Wedding Decor!

just like the flower pins, these undies are all hand drawn by me graphically on the computer, then hand sewed & stuffed with ooey gooey love and stuff.

Also? Didja want Santa Baby to decorate your christmas with some decorations bought at Tiffany's Yellow Heart Art? Well, I think we can hook you up with some diamonds on the cheap!

Also in case you missed our December 5th deadline to get your christmas orders in you can still give Yellow Heart Art to someone on your nice (or naughty) list by hooking them up with one of our new gift cards!

They come in the following amounts: $20, $30, $50 and $100

Happy Shopping Loves!


  1. W H A T?!?!?
    Those Hairclips//pins are just so stinkin' cute!!!!
    You are so talented Leonora!!!
    I LOVE them!!!!

  2. you are just TOO gorgeous for me to focus on your beautiful creations. <3


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