Monday, December 5, 2011

Stache Surprises!

You have probably heard of me mention the lovely Miss Amy before on this 'ol here blog.

In case you were not aware of the awesomeness that Amy possesses please see exhibit A below.

Oh, that in my hair? Amy surprised me the other day and mailed me some stache bling for mah 'do.

Can I tell you? On a 1-10 on the "Rad-O-Meter" these puppies stand at a staggering 53.

Yep, atta 10 these are a 53. (I like odd numbers)

Also? They double as a sweet disguise for when I need to buy my "lady products" at the local CVS down the road.

Don't worry guys--it's still me.

Fooled ya didn't I?

I'm stealthy like that.


  1. Um have I told you lately how beautiful you are? No? Well you are, inside and out.


  2. these are the coolest things EVER!!!!


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