Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Traditions!

This weekend was busy busy BUSY

but also a ton of frekkin fun.

Last year bubs and I went into NYC to do the typical tourist-y stuff that one does when it comes to this time of year.
Last year we got a smooch by the tree:

and tried to recreate this magical moment this year as well, but it was an epic failure

yeah. can you appreciate that awesome bright blur of a tree in the background?

oh, you can't?

Thats cause when this picture was taken we were being shoved around by so many people, and we felt super awkward doin' the 'ol "hey let's take a photo of ourselves a la myspace circa 2001"

Not only did we see the tree, but we also hit up Bryant Park for THEE BEST frekkin hot chocolate that your tastebuds will ever experience.

Imagine taking a chocolate bar, melting it down, then drinking it.

Oh, and you know that feeling you get when you play with a pile of super cute adorable puppies? Thats how you will feel when you drink this amazing liquid wonder, times 10.

Last Years Shot:

and this year

and no trip to the city isn't complete with out an awkward picture next to some random tree.

some things you should know about this photo, because I feel really bad misleading all you fine folks.

1. that jacket? it rocks, right? Oh, you noticed its a ski jacket? Yeah. I don't ski. The one time I did try to ski it ended terribly. Bub and I almost broke up and I ended up going down a hill "Matrix Style" at a 90* angle while my back dragged on the floor and my legs were bent with my skis on the snow "skiing" me down.

Never. Again.

2. why do I own a ski jacket? Well, it's on oakley jacket, and it retails for way over 200 bucks. I nabbed it in Marshals for 50 buck-a-roos.

Who wins? Me.

who also doesn't ski? Me.

3. See those cute leather light brown "toggle clasps" near my collar bone/chest area? Well, they're fake snaps. They dont do anything at all. How do we know this? While waiting for the train to take us into the city bub got antsy and startle to fiddle with my jacket. He wanted to see what the little toggle unsnapped to. It unsnaps to nothing. Now there is a .25" hole under my toggle.

Thanks bub.

4. Yes, said ripping of my jacket led to a fight.

5. Yes, I did try to rip his jacket back

caused a scene.

6. No I did not succeed.


7. he'll just have to sleep with one eye open--while wearing his jacket.

evil grin.

who knew there were 7 points I needed to make about this photo?

moving on.

There are also vendors in Bryant Park, a TON of vendors that sell way awesome swag.

I nabbed a suh-weet leather wallet that has handmade artwork transferred onto it.

(art by

and got this super fun retro-tin prints for our new digs.

as you can see there was some serious compromising going on with these prints. I really love the retro look and bub, well, really dug the sayings.


Please dont show up to our apartment topless, you will not get free drinks.

We of course ended the night with some window displays at Macys

what christmas traditions do you guys have?

Oh and my apologies for the photos-I was NOT schlepping my giant DSLR camera into the city during christmas time. It's heavy, its uncomfortable and not to mention really hard to operate while wearing mittens. Also New Yorkers hate it when they see people sporting these cameras, nothing screams OBNOXIOUS TOURIST ALERT then one of those puppies.

Until next time folks.



  1. hehe - this was such a fun post! you and bubs totally rock - and the kissing pictures, adorable and hilarious (esp since that police office was totally watching you guys in the first!). love it!

  2. Agreed with Illy. The cop one is so funny!

  3. i love the shops at bryant park! so much cool stuff. looks like you had a blast!

  4. the bryant park shots are so so fun! i have never stopped by the window displays, those look gorgeous.

  5. love it <3 you & bubs are so cute & your commentary on the photos makes your posts.

  6. I hope you waved hello while you were in the city!


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