Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I really hate the "Christmas Blues"

Ya know, the day after christmas and all that magic just seems kinda gone?

You get no more "magic" sent to you in the mail either, which means no more cards to add to your "Smash-Folio" from awesome bloggie friends (*ahem* I'm talk bout this lovely lady & this awesome gal)

It makes me feel all blob-esque.

I don't know how blobs feel per say, but I can imagine they don't feel awesome.

But you know what is awesome? Getting to look back at all your ballin' swag and reliving those memories again.
Brace yourself for one of the best frekkin gifts I have even gotten from the Bubs.

Oh hey, whats that?

That would be a hand painted locket made by this lil lady over here.

I found Khara's shop about a year ago and have swooned over her lockets about once a week since then. When it comes to jewelry I NEVER tell bubs what to get me. I want him to pick something out on his own that he thinks I would love, so that when I wear it I think of *him* and not me going to some bling bling shop and being all like "Yeah, that one--get that"
Mama doesn't need no sugar daddy.

But this year I did ask him to hit up Khara and work with her to put something sentimental inside of a locket for me. That way I knew I was getting a locket, but I had NO CLUE what would be on the inside.

And yes, the swings are so "Dawson's Creek" circa 1996 b/c Bubs and I had our first kiss on a swing set.

Consider myself impressed by Bub's decision on what to put inside.

What is even more mind blowing is that this locket is only, like, .5" wide (if that) and the fact that she can get THAT MUCH detail in such a tiny area is, well, unfathomable.

and if you're not impressed by my art, check out some of her other lockets that made me fall in love with her shop:

some other suh-weet swag I got was a curling stick so I can be an honoaray Kardashian and have long curly hair (hey, my ass alone can make me a Kardashian)

oh hey, you noticed my photos are looking quite vintage these days? Could it be that Leonora has hopped on the insta-bandwagon?

Why yes, yes I have.

And no, I didn't get an iPhone (and we don't talk about the fact that I *used* to have an iPhone but was then forced to switch to a droid to be a part of bub's family plan) (even when I went to make "the switch" the dude at verizon was all like "wow, you are the first person to ever come to me with an iphone and want a droid) (and I was all like "Bro, I dont *want* a droid") (sorry, I'm doing that thing again where I ramble using parenthesis to break up my thoughts) (ok im done)

BUT I did get this lil fella instead:

and no, by "lil fella" I am not talking bout the 1/2 naked dude on the right.

I'm talkin' bout Bartholomew! (Yes I named my iPad Bartholomew) (ok thats a lie) (or is it)

Me touching iPad, bub touching my nose, it was a magical moment that I caught on insta-film.

What did you loves get for xmas?


  1. love your smashbook, how fun! and you look adorable!!

  2. Loooooooove your locket! So sweet of him to think of that for inside! And as you know I too got an iPad :)))))))))))))))

  3. I love your necklace + your iPad!! ((PS That is such a cute photo of you two!!)) :)

  4. Where did you get the pattern tape? i need to find some:)

    Love ur new ipad!!!!

  5. OMG! That locket is the shizz! And if I got an iPad I def would have named it! Tell "Bart" I said hi!

  6. You are on Instagram now?! Am I following you? I don't think I'm following you, right? What is your username? I didn't see it in this post. Let me know and then I will follow you and then we can be friends all over the interwebz! :]

    Julie Ann


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