Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Things for 2012!

Um hey 2011 where did you go?

Since you decided to up and leave on me I guess I'm gonna have to start prepping for 2012.

hopefully that doesn't mean making a bomb shelter and stocking up on MRE's

Like I know supposedly some serious shizznat is supposed to go down real bad according to the 'ol Mayans here, and all I gotta say is that I live on an Island so if we get hit with a tidal wave please just make it super fast.

But guys don't worry the end of the world is just going to have to wait--you see my car payments are FINALLY done in 2012 and I would like to know what it feels like to officially OWN a car. So Mr.Tidal wave you're just not wanted here.

Some other things I am prepping for 2012

• Finally lose some "love" weight (and by love I mean love handles, let's be honest, no one wants to hold onto those bad boys)

• Take Yellow Heart Art to the next level! (i have no idea what that means, so if you do I would gladly like your input-ha)

• To never stop lovin' up on the Bubs

• Volunteer my time doing *something* with bubs (whether it be habitat for humanity or spending time at an animal shelter) (and yes there is a really high possibility that if I opt for the animal shelter I'm going to own a puppy zoo) (you are all welcome to come & frolic with the puppies)

• Try a new craft

• Do something out of my comfort zone (I have already tried skiing, parasailing, & a crazy slingshot ride in atlantic city, just call me Evel Knievel)

• Meet some bloggie friends in fo-realz life

• Stop being so hard on myself

• To not spend more than $15 on shirts and $30 on bottoms. Also going to attempt to re-work my current wardrobe into new pieces of awesome wearable art.

Also? Here is a sneak peek at some new squishables coming to the shop! in 2012

how frekkin adorbs is Ilene from Much Love, Illy?

Ya see over the past year Ilene and I have dubbed ourselves BFFs. As a little Christmas gift I sent her over a little miniature version of some new yellow heart art swag! I know she loves to take photos with any and all cameras so I thought it was fitting for her :)

They'll be up sometime in January. I am so stoked about these-they are MEGA fun.


  1. • To not spend more than $15 on shirts and $30 on bottoms! me too!! but that's tough for me

  2. I totally thought I was going to win... booooooo.

    Also, can I be friends with you and Ilene too? I want to come visit!!

  3. You forgot to add "travel to Texas to see Bub's mom" to your list..... ;-)

  4. i still cannot get over how much i LOOOURRRVE my camera. i have been "taking pictures" with it since i received it - think it's annoying the sister and the dog. even peyton (my dog) is like "um, ilene...i don't think it's real." and i'm like "sure, it is - see?" and i go click, click, click. he rolls his eyes and walks away. love you BFF!!

    p.s. wanna know what is on my bucket list? celebrate New Year's in NYC - one day. it's gonna happen and i'm calling you up!

  5. OMG!! ilene is adorable!!! that camera is SOO SOO cute!!


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