Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Answering Your Questions Part 4, the Final Chapter

I have had so much fun answering all the questions you guys left me! Today I wrap up my Q&A series by talking about me as a graphic designer.

If you wanna check out some past posts you can view Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 over yonder (yonder? did that just happen?)

How did you get started in graphic design full time? How do you find your clients? I am wanting to work from home and am in the process of figuring all this out!
I dont have many regrets in life, but there is one thing I really really REALLY regret, and that is rushing to find a full time job right out of college. I mean hello I had literally JUST gotten my diploma and I was frantically posting my resume on monster.com, career bulider.com and any other "dot coms" that would want me. I had a total panic moment and thought I NEEDED to do something right away or else life was not worth living and that my graphic design degree would have a "sell by" date. Looking back at 22 year old me I cant help but hate that little turd. Like, umm Hi 22 year old you? You have it really good. You live at home with your parents, you have zero responsibility and the only thing you need to pay for is a very reasonably priced cell phone bill (remember when cell phone bills were, like, 20 bucks a month?) (Oh man did I just have a first "Back when I was your age" moment?)

I wish I had just RELAXED a bit and just enjoyed a few months off from school because once you lock in a full time job thats it. No more running to the mall at 1pm on a monday or staying up till 2am watching MTV re-runs of laguna beach. Life is now officially over (ok not OVER but kinda sucky) (ok not sucky at all, just a lot less free time)

I started to work Full Time as a designer by getting my resume out there. I called a bunch of local agencies who had graphic departments in them wondering if they needed a junior designer. I finally landed a full time job after about 5 months of looking. I have been here ever since then.

As far as my design clients go that is totally separate from my full time job. And you're going to hate this answer but I have zero clue how people find me. If you follow me on twitter and on facebook I never once say "HEY! Email me! Let me design your shiz!" somehow people just ask if I can design their logo and I'm all like "chyeah!" I think people are finding me from my shop on Etsy. They see that I am a designer and take it upon themselves to contact me to see if I can work with them. If you don't have an Etsy shop to promote your items I suggest starting a facebook fan page for your skill set and inviting your friends to join. I would also add your portfolio on facebook so people can see your style and see if they want to work with you :)

Why (oh why) haven't you hired yourself a virtual assistant yet? ;)
One simple answer: Money. I would have to pay a virtual assistant and right now I don't have any extra dolla dolla billz to give these responsibilities to someone else. So for now I have to write back to emails with in 2-4 business days and give clients design proofs about 2 weeks after our design consultation. I feel terrible but I am only 1 person and I try my best to please everyone. If you know anyone who would accept twinkies as payment then please send them my way (or if yodels are more your thing then I can work with that too) (I do draw the line at soft baked cookies though, mainly cause those are my kryptonite)


  1. I have gotten the question for when I'll get an assistant too and it's just a money thing. Would I love someone to do my grunt work? Heck ya! But the hubs and I are saving for a new house and I want to move sooner than later.
    P.S. I'd accept twinkies if I weren't so swamped here :)

  2. i wish i had money for a virtual assistant too! but alas, i do not. :)


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