Thursday, March 28, 2013

Answering Your Questions Part 1: Why I Haven't made Yellow Heart Art Full Time

A couple of days ago I had created a post giving you all the opportunity to ask me anything. I am breaking up the questions over a few posts since some are longer to answer than others. Since I am still writing up this series you can still ask me anything over here if you missed out!

Why haven't you taken the plunge to quit your day job and take Yellow Heart Art full time? I'm looking into doing this for myself pretty soon and I go back and forth. Another person's perspective would be awesome.

This is actually a great question because its not one I talk about much on the blog. I struggle with this all the time. Everyday when my car makes that left turn into my company parking lot my heart literally sinks. Don't get me wrong, my immediate boss is great, it's just not something I enjoy. Yes, I do work full time as a graphic designer (which is what I went to school for and it is also how I design items for Yellow Heart Art) but there is zero creative freedom. Everything I design is for corporate clients so I have to adhere to their branding standards. I get asked a lot "Why don't you ever show us your design work from your job?" and the answer is because it's not me. Sure, I design stuff for well known companies like Nikon, HBO and Sony but they tell me what fonts, colors and images to use. I pretty much make come to life what is in their head.

I haven't taken Yellow Heart Art full time yet because a lot of other women in the handmade world (not ALL but most) are already married. When you're married you're able to go onto your husband's health insurance and use some of your husband's income to offset any bills if you need to. Even though I have been with Bub for 5 years now we are just boyfriend and girlfriend. I would never pressure him to marry me just so I can take on Yellow Heart Art full time. Also I live out on Long Island which is unfortunately a really pricey place to live. Just the taxes you pay a year for your house (JUST the taxes) are anywhere from 9-12 grand. That's not included mortgage payments and home owners insurance. I am all about taking risks and living a happy life but I want to make sure him and I can be at a place financially where I can take that plunge. If we were living somewhere else where it wasn't as expensive to live I think I could've quit my job 2 years ago. But we both Long Island too much to want to leave this place.

I don't think I will ever really be able to take Yellow Heart Art full time, I think when the time comes for me to pursue Yellow Heart Art I would also have to do other things too like book more freelance clients, which is totally fine with me since I am still doing my first passion which is Graphic Design :)

Trust me, that time is coming, and I hope that its sooner than later. I also know that if everyone waited till all the cards fell just right to pursue their dreams then no one would ever really achieve anything. I understand that the timing will never ever be "perfect" or "right" but I still need to be responsible. I'm ok with making materialistic sacrifices (I don't need clothes, shoes, purses or jewelry) BUT I am not ok with making "experience" sacrifices. I want to be able to travel the world and see things that most 20 somethings don't see. I want to enjoy the time Bub and I have as just *us* to see Europe and other countries. We're going to have a find a balance of "wants" and "needs" for when that time comes, and I am totally fine with that.

It's gonna happen guys, and when it does you will hear me shriek at the top of my lungs. There also might be a celebratory dance--oh hell there will definitely be a celebratory dance (gangham style anybody?)


  1. first of all, i LOVE that laptop skin over there! second of all, i think you are doing exactly what is right for you at the moment!! being responsible and making some awesome items for your shop! i can't wait for you to take it full-time, and i will do a happy dance with/for you when you do! ;)

  2. You are awesome. I will be over the moon excited for you when the day comes that you get to take Yellow Heart Art full time.

  3. Exactly how I feel on almost every single aspect. Nice to feel I'm not alone! Thank you for the post :)

  4. dang living in expensive places. you know i get you. someday we will both make it rain without any bosses over us.

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  6. Thanks for sharing this! It's refreshing to see a different perspective on this, I see tons of designers making the jump early on in their career to doing their business full time and it almost feels like it's something you HAVE to do nowadays to be successful. Heck yes for being a realistic and independent lady!

    and ughh Long island, so so expensive!

  7. You are so talented, thank you for sharing!

  8. such a great, honest post. and you're right, being married does help with the little (and big) expenses. I also live somewhere super expensive and if I still had a FT job, we could probably buy a house....but living my dream doesn't pay that well so we are just going to rent for a while longer :).


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