Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Answering Your Questions Part 3: Gettin' Personal

Takin' a break from all the business questions you guys have been asking me and takin' things personally today! Come take a ride with me in New York City.

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How often do you go into NYC? Do the crowds scare the crap out of you? (I can't handle crowds like that...)

I actually don't go into NYC that often, I'm more of a Hamptons kinda gal ha! Bub and I visit NYC every year around christmas time to check out all the window displays on 5th avenue, walk all the pop up shops in bryant park, visit THEE tree and grab some dinner at a local restaurant. In the past I have gone into NYC to tour 30 Rockefeller Plaza (where they shot Conan O'Brien, SNL and all the other NCB News Shows) or to stalk boy bands like N SYNC or the Back Street Boys (guys, I was like 16, swear) (no shame) I also went on a scavenger hunt through NYC with my cousin, Kellie, as part of a radio show game. We had to "Search for Mr.Wright" who was Met's 3rd baseman david wright. She was so in love with him and needed a partner. I had get my picture taken in the trunk of a taxi and sing and dance to Kelly Clarkson while wearing an oversized awesome vitamin water T-shirt in the middle of a public park. In the end though we did find Mr. Wright.


If you ever visit NYC be prepare for a lot of random stuff to happen to you. You will meet gay men at karoke bars and take pics like this with them:

You may or may not also sing backstreet boys "I want it that way" With them while you bust out the back up vocals.

One time my friends and I rented one of those giant circle bikes that fit up to 8 people. We had 2 extra slots on our bike so random people would come on up and tag along for a ride. We dropped Spider Man off at the bar and gave a ride to 2 local firemen (not complaining...) we also got to see the Naked Cowboy and ride a ferris wheel inside Toys-R-Us.

I have also visited the italian feast of San Genaro that happens every year, the food is uh-may-zing. If you decide to go down canal street for some knock off bags please DO NOT GO INTO SKETCH ALLYS WITH ANYONE WHO WORKS THERE. Sometimes some asian men or women will tell you they have "better items" in another warehouse which 9 times out of 10 is true, but its in a secluded area since it is illegal to sell fake bags. It's scary and strange just don't do it.

The crowds don't bother me, maybe its because I am just used to it? Also, being from NY you learn to be super aware of your surroundings. The only thing I don't like about NYC is all the bums and not so much the crowds. Every time I have ever used the bathroom at Penn Station some drunk delusional homeless woman has screamed in my face. But hey--thats the charm of NYC ;) Just also make sure you clutch your purse while walking the streets and dont believe any homeless person who is asking you for money. A lot of them are people who make pretend to be homeless just to get easy cash from people. They can bank thousands of dollars a day.

where did you grow up? what did you want to be when you grew up? like, did you always enjoy creative stuff or did you think you would be a teacher or something?

I am born and raised on Long Island, New York. I have never lived anywhere else and absolutely love it here. I know I've said it a gagillion times but I love that I am right smack in the middle of New York City and The Hamptons. Sure, it's pricey living out here but I guess thats what happens when you have 2 super Targets, countless starbucks and 3 Home Depots with in a 3 mile radius.

I was always creative and loved art. Our fridge at home had layers and layers and layers of my artwork pilled all over the front of it. When I was in 1st grade my parents when to one of those "meet the teacher" night doohickys. The day before our parents were going to show up to the school my teacher had all of us draw our parents on a piece of paper. She then hug the paper up on the wall and our parents came later that night to school they had to guess which drawing belonged to their kid. My mom said to me "I knew right away which one was yours, you were the only one who put fingers on their stick figures and gave me eyelashes. You also put me in my favorite polka dot shirt".

I also loved to recreate the front of all my disney VHS covers. One day I showed my mom a drawing I made of Iago, the Parrot from Aladdin. She had thought I traced him and didn't free hand him. So she watched me as a I re-drew the little mermaid free hand, I think thats when my mom knew that I was going to be an artist.

When I was a little kid I thought I wanted to be a vet. I looooved animals which was super strange considering I didn't grow up with a dog, cat, hamster or even a gold fish. As I got a little older I thought I wanted to be an art teacher, then in high school I made the decision to be a graphic designer.


  1. I thought I wanted to be a vet too :). I just love animals so much.

  2. haha I loved your random stories about NYC... but honestly I am still afraid of it. London really overwhelmed me.

  3. I still think we got robbed of our date with times!! I will never be able to thank you enough for everything you did that day! :) Can't believe how long ago that was!


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