Thursday, April 11, 2013

Life Lately with Morgan Freeman

EXPERIENCING my first ever "food truck" this past weekend with my college friend Courtney. Plus also? Wearing heart shaped sunglasses gets total strangers to talk to you…a lot. We had gourmet grilled cheese & chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches smothered in Nutella and almond ice cream. But it's ok cause we were celebrating our birthdays together so it doesn't count. In fact I think we even lost weight during this process (ha, yeah no I couldn't even say that with a straight face either)

WISHING whatever it is that is causing me to sound like the female version of Morgan Freeman stops soon. Verdict is still out if its a cold or allergies. Side Note: Imagine a world with out Morgan Freeman? I want to win the lotto so that I can hire Morgan Freeman to read me bed time stories at night, oh and to also narrate everything I do 24/7.

LOVING all the support and comments about my print potentially being sold at Uncommon Goods. I was having a pretty rough couple of weeks and the amount of love you all have shown me has been incredible. If I win the lotto I promise to share Morgan Freeman with you all, he can narrate your life for a day. But I want him back at night for my bedtime story, ok? Side note? I can still use your votes!

STOKED that bub came to my job yesterday and surprised me with ice cream and flowers. The plus side to living in New York: We have about 3 baskin robbins in a 1 mile radius so you can get it to-go and it won't melt by the time you get to your destination. New York: 1, My Waist Line: 0.

DREAMING of big things for Yellow Heart Art

what has your life been like lately?


  1. Aw, I hope you feel better soon! My allergies have been a lil crazy too. I also sounded a lil manly after losing my voice while in Austin last weekend. Keep eating ice cream, I'm sure that is the cure! If not, oh well. :)

  2. Obsessed with your sunglasses, I have heart aviator type sunnies that I wear pretty much every sunny day!

  3. I LOVE those sunglasses Leonora!! I hope you feel better soon doll face!! xo

  4. I was completely thrown off with that coat of yours. I assumed these pictures were from a while ago. Girl, when you gonna move to Cali?? For the sunshine....and for me. :]


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