Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Things I Want, No Need, Yes I Definetely Need These

I love Etsy. I love the community, the fact that people are making things with their own fingers, and that I get to support small business owners so they can live out their dreams.

Granted I am on a ha-uge spending freeze at the moment that doesn't mean that I can't share my faves with you all and live vicariously through you.

The type nerd in me is totally swooning over this. Words that form the shape of New York? COME ON PEOPLE. *AND* she got the shape of Long Island right! A lot of times people think we are a blob, long island deserves more respect than that guys. We are not a blob, we are shaped like a fish. No seriously, google image that shiz.

Men: earmuffs. Ladies: let's be real, that time of the month sucks. It makes you want to cry whenever you see an ad for the ASPCA, yet it also makes you want to launch a grenade at your ovaries. At least I can try to calm myself down by looking at this cute little guy while he houses my hot water bottle.

you guys I waited 7 years for this moment...SEVEN FREKKIN YEARS but I FINALLY get to buy little girl swag for my new niece! ! ! ! You know Aunt Leonora is going to give her a tutu for everyday of the year. I'm not kidding, she will be given 365 tutus.
Dear Brother: You're Welcome.

You never know when you're going to need to go all "Chuck Norris" on someone's ass while browsing the cupcakes at your local bakery or trying on the latest Aztec leggings at Target. This necklace makes you look fashionable and bad ass all rolled into one, and really what more can you want in a necklace?

A moment of silence for how fabulous this ring is please.
Plus side? This will leave a mark when you punch out anyone who comes near your last Samao cookie (sorry guys I tend to get violent when it comes to seasonal cookies that cost the equivalent of a weekend trip to Paris)


  1. Oh my goodness those headbands are adorable! And that ring! Great list :)

  2. I love that ring and those little headbands are so cute!!!

  3. LOVE the headbands--going to buy some right now for Grace!

  4. such great finds - etsy really is the best!

  5. Definitely participated in that moment of silence. That ring is stupendous.

  6. Those headbands are TOO cute! I hope she loves her owl (coming soon)!


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