Monday, March 25, 2013

New Art! For You Design Lovahs

Lorem Ipsum are 2 words every graphic designer and typesetter is familiar with. Lorem Ipsum is well known "dummy text" that designers use as a place holder for "real" copy so they can start designing something.

For example: If you are designing a Magazine Article for Cosmopolitan but the writer doesn't have any text yet you can go to and type in how many letters, paragraphs or words you need to fill up the area of the article temporarily until the writer is ready to send you over the copy.

It's also good for other situations like if we are limited to a certain amount of space to design something we can place the dummy copy in there to see how many words or characters can fit in that space. We would then tell the editor the amount of words they are limited to for that area.

See? Don't you fee more knowledgeable now.

I created this print for all my designer friends out there. I am loving this new water color look I am adding to everything, I think it needs to start to make more of an appearance in my shop. Also? This is one of my first prints done completely my hand and not using any fonts!

Snatch up this print here!

any prints, designs or words you want me to add to the shop? Holla atcha girl!


  1. Wow, blast from the past! I remember lorem ipsum all too well from graphic design classes in college. I also used to feel like I sounded kind of smart if I said it around people with no graphic design background ;) What a word snob!

  2. Ha! What a clever idea. I love nerd art :)

  3. Wait. What?!?! This is YOUR HANDWRITING?!?!? No way!! This is beautiful Leonora!! I wish I could write this pretty!! Your doing a great job girl!! xo

  4. Eeek! I love it! I echo Jaclyn -- love the "nerd art"! :)


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