Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Some Random Things

So, I'm kind of fried. I can't think of any fun projects to show you or any worth wild DIYs, so here is a list of random shiz bout you're favorite Leonora (I think by default I am most people's "favorite Leonora" since, well, how many Leonora's do you know?)

• I never wanted to date a dude who had the same name as my dad, was in the military or in the fire department. Sooo that fella I've been with for 5 years? He may or may not have all 3 of those things. (ok he does) (well played life, well played)

• My pinky toe on my left foot doesn't go down. When I come out of a pool and walk on concrete I only leave behind 4 toe prints. I used to be really self conscious of my toe and would never wear flip flops or sandals, but now whenever someone stares at my toe I just laugh and say "Yeah, it's pretty freaky right?" (embrace your weirdness)

• My 2 front teeth are fake. When I was 14 I fainted face first down a flight of stairs and my face took all the impact. My 2 front teeth broke and I had to get 74 stitches in my mouth. My face resembled the last scene of Rocky. My mom covered all the mirrors in the house with blankets so I couldn't see myself. Till this day I still don't really know what I looked like when it happened. Since you're not awkward enough at age 14 let's throw in some porcelain teeth and some barb wire in your mouth, that'll get the guys knocking on my door. (disclaimer: No dudes knocked on my door)

• When I was a little kid I would always bend over and stick my head between my legs because I loved seeing how things changed when they were upside down. I should've known then I was a little picasso in the making.

• Hugs put me in a better mood

• I get really awkward around children, even more so if they are not related to me. It doesn't matter how old they are or how many times I've seen them, I still get really out of my element.

• If you play with my hair you are automatically my most favorite person in the entire world at that moment in time. You could probably ask me for a million dollars and all the twinkies in the world and I would make it happen for you.

• Only my close friends call me "Leo" and only my boyfriend can call me "Toots"


  1. kids are awkward, I love my boys but hanging out with other kids during play dates AWKWARD. I hope I don't make my kids weird due to my oddness. Well you know not creepy weird they come from me they will be odd ;)

  2. Ahhh!!! Well, my husband and my dad don't have the same name, but they're both military. Never thought I'd marry military. AND one of my front teeth is fake, so you got me beat there. Can we still be friends?! ;-)

  3. To add to the random: "Toots" is one of my go-to nicknames for people, and when I called an ex boyfriend that for the first time, he freaked out b/c he misheard me and thought I called him "tits," which was a nickname he had in college b/c he was an artist, which his friends shortened to " 'tist" which naturally (or unnaturally) became "tits."

  4. Omg I call you Leo, is that ok?????

  5. we are weird... and it's fab. :)

  6. i'm with you on the hair thing. i LOVE for someone to play with my hair. i totally prompt my daughter to play beauty shop just so i can sit and be pampered for 5-10 minutes. i don't even mind that she puts 215 bows in my hair just so she keeps doing it:))

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    1. I also thought I was the only person who gets awkward around kids! YAY for not being alone.


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