Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Supah Deals!

I'm all about a good deal. In fact it gives me some sort of weird high when I nab a pair of $150 boots for 40 bucks. It's like "legal stealing" (yeah, it's a legit thing) (ok it's not) (hoping it will catch on)

Me and some friends of mine are offering up great deals in our shops! Can you believe its been a year since Gina and I released the launch of our Photoshop for Bloggers ebook? We have loved reading all your tweets, facebook statuses and blog posts about how this book has helped you understand the basics of photoshop and apply those skills to your blogs, handmade shops and personal photos.

Gina and I decided to discount the book from $24 to $15 for one week only! This deal will expire March 26th so get on that shiz.

You have probably heard me mention Julie from Julie Ann Art a few times here on the blog. I am a ha-uge fan of hers. I also had the opportunity to meet her at a blogging conference last year and since then we constantly text each other with mini brain storm sessions on how to improve our shops.

She is going to release new products soon, and you can get an exclusive discount to these new items if you sign up for her mailing list (just visit her blog and sign up on the left hand side). Also? Homegirl is a rockstar and recently locked a deal with Urban Outfitters. Her cards will be hitting Urban's shelves soon! How amazing is that?


My other BFF Ilene from Much Love, Illy is also running an amazing deal right now over at Brickyard Buffalo. For 5 more days you can nab her signature Golden Rod Poppy Garland Headband for 40% off.  

She is seriously one of thee most genuine people I have ever met before in my life, please support her handmade biz!


  1. aw, you are my fave. thanks, bff. love you!

  2. i've been wanting to read your ebook! i may just have to snatch it up!


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