Friday, July 6, 2012

New Packaging Design and A New Project Teaser!

Some of you might have noticed a new look here at Yellow Heart Art. We have completely revamped and changed our branding (if you want to see the evolution of our branding come over yonder) (side note: Is yonder, like, so Shakespearean to say? Cause it makes me feel smart)

Our necklace packaging also got a "nip tuck" 

what do you guys think?

Scuse the super grainy photo, homegirl was running late to work and had to quickly snap a pic of this bad boy using her iphone and her laundry hamper as a background. Eat it MacGuyver.

Also, if you follow me on twitter you have seen some cryptic tweets lately about a project that me and this awesome lady ovah hea are working on. Stay tuned we will be announcing what we have up our sleeves (or wrists) super soon ;) Give ya a hint: Think summer camp activity, but for bloggers.

Also no blog post is complete with out one of my all time favorite pics of me and Ilene (spoiler alert, she's the awesome lady I'm working with on super duper top secret project) (isn't she the best?)

also some of you have asked about advertising! We now use passionfruit ads, which means you can advertise with yellow heart art whenever you want! No need to have to wait for the 1st of the month anymore. I know, I like having options too guys. Click Here for sponsor info!


  1. Can't wait to see what y'all have cooked up! I love summer camp and was the craft shack lady for a summer in college ;)

  2. yay! excited to see what you and Ilene are planning!

  3. Haha that pic is amazing. she is pretty great huh?! And Yonder is so southern! my hubs grandparents are old farmers and they always say it!

  4. hey nice good to see new packaging style thanks for sharing it.

  5. oh my gosh! you are sooo so cute! thanks for all your lovely DIYs! :)

    i'm your newest follower!



  6. Hahaha ... hey! that pic awesome , i like style.
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