Thursday, July 5, 2012

Date Night Ideas For You and Yo Man!

I do find myself doin' that 'ol google search, the one where you type "ideas for date night" or see also "please help me keep my boyfriend entertained so he doesn't get bored and set something on fire to see how it will melt".
For all of you wondering why I am on the fence about having Kids its because I am already dating one--and he is a lot of frekkin work. (but he's worth it)

I've compiled a list of date night faves that Bubs and I have actually done. Sure. some are cheesy, but thats what happens when you're in love you get full of cheddah. 

Go Kayaking or Canoeing on a Lake

Bubs and I live on Long Island so we are literally surrounded by water, so for those of you that are land lock you might have to setting for bobbing up and down on a pool noodle in a kiddie pool. We like to hit up our local deli and bring sandwiches out on the canoe with us so we can eat them out on the lake. Its quite romantical.

Go to the gun range

It's true, I dig the gun range. I've only been once but let me tell ya, something about shotting a shot gun while wearing a little bow in your hair is kind of bad ass. Plus Bubs got to brag to his buds that his woman shot a gun and dug it. Yeah, its unconventional but just give it a shot! (Ha, "give it a shot"…I crack myself up) If you are really uncomfortable going to the gun range then try skeet shooting. It's that sport where you yell PULL! and then a clay disk comes flying in the air for you to shoot. The one thing I WOULD NEVER DO is go hunting, I think bambi deserves to live. Bambi I go your back girl (or boy, I'm really unsure what Bambi's sex is)

Get a couples massage
I wrote back in the day about my love for groupon and living social. They are ALWAYS posting deals on there for massages at 40% off. My only tip if you have never gotten one before is to go early in the morning before you shower and wear "loose" clothes. Bubs and I made this mistake before. You will get covered in massage oil, and although most of it gets absorb into your skin there is still some left over. The last thing you want is to slip into some skinny jeans while your legs are glistening from oil-super yuck.

Tandem Bike Rides or Ride the Bike Tails
There are places by us who rent out Tandem bikes to couples (those are the 2 seater bikes). Or you can do what Bubs and just go out on a nice bike ride somewhere and just relax. We usually end up at some ice cream parlor (weird…)

Crash a wedding
THIS HAS BEEN ON MY BUCKET LIST FOR FOREVER. It will happen. Bonus? You and your date get to get dressed up and eat free food. I mean really what more can a girl want

Feed the ducks!

Go to your local lake/pond, grab your stale bread and feed some ducks! They'll be your new best friends AND you can de-clutter your bread drawer. Win win?

Go on a picnic
This is one of my faves. We usually hit up our deli, get some sandwiches and set up a picnic at our local park. We also bring something with us like a frisbee or a football that we can toss around to keep us entertained.

Go on a photo excursion

I dont know how many of you guys are photographers out there, but sometimes when we're super bored we hop in the car and just drive around with our cameras. If something catches our eye we pull over and do a mini photo shoot. Its spontaneous, fun and you get some awesome photos out of it!

Batting Cages
I've actually never done this one yet but its on my to-do list. The batting cages are fairly inexpensive, and the best part is if you miss the ball you dont have to keep bending over to pick it up--which means you wont sweat on your date. I try not to over exert myself whenever possible (ha)

Go Karting
I don't care how old you are go-karting is the frekkin BOMB. It's fun to get a group of people to go and do mini go-kart races. 

Pick some fruit!

There is always some sort of fruit in season at some time. We usually go apple picking out in the hamptons and make some kick ass apple pie.

Visit the puppies at the pet store
Since bubs and I live in an apartment we unfortunately can not have any pets. So in order to make up for it we sometimes visit the local pet stores and play with the puppies who don't have homes yet. Its a win-win because it at least gets the puppies out of the crates for a while and we get to enjoy spending time with our "temporary pet" for the next 15 minutes.

Have a nurf gun/water gun battle
Come on, act like a kid! Go to walmart, get a nurf gun for 5 bucks and let the war begin.

What date night ideas do you guys love to do!


  1. similar to the batting cages or shooting range-- the driving range! hitting golf balls is very satisfying. we also LOVE to find the diviest bars we can find in the area. always an adventure.

  2. OK, that pic of you with the gun and the bow is killin' me. So adorbs. Also, huge hug from another "No kids for me, thanks" gal who can sometimes feel a little alone in the bloggy world.

  3. Batting cages are my fave! We go to a place that has mini golf, driving range, and batting cages-- you're set for the night with that!

  4. Crashing a wedding! Adding it to my bucket list! Check the papers girl! I'd love to hear about you and Bubbs crashing a wedding, in NY, of someone famous with a lot of "so and so"s there!!
    Love this post. Me and my hubbs need more date nights. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Though I don't have the grace for near about all of these - i solemnly swear to try all. Stay tuned for updates and documented injuries...

  6. I need a sitter! These all sound so fun. My husband and I are roamers. We have lots of fun going anywhere we can hold hands and walk around. For some reason we always have a fair going on near by (big ones, church ones, school carnivals) its alot of fun.

  7. Haha crash a wedding! So amazing. Nobody would even know you're not meant to be there. Like that scene in Friends when Chandler and Ross sneak into the strangers' wedding to take photos.


  8. crashing a wedding is on my to do list.
    i mean, it would be hilarious!
    xo the egg out west.

  9. Ah, I love your ideas! I definitely think you need to crash a wedding -- you'd be so skilled at it, I suspect. I don't have a man, but I can date myself right? First stop, picnic. No, gun range. Oh, the possibilities!!

  10. Girl this list is cute.
    But instead of the pet store you guys should hit the shelter or humane society. They LOVE having volunteers to walk the dogs, pet the cats, etc. It's totally a fav of mine even though I try and sneak one home under my shirt every damn time.

  11. Just found your blog through little miss momma. These ideas are awesome! I especially love the ideas of going to a gun range (That would be so awesome!) Getting a couples massage, and crashing a wedding! Those will definitely be on our to-do list!

  12. I love that you're shooting a big gun with a little bow in your hair! EPIC!!! <3


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