Friday, July 27, 2012

Renegade Craft Fair: My Booth!

Ok, so maaaaybe Renegade Craft Fair was over a month ago

and maaaaaybe I'm just now showing you all pictures of my booth.

*shift eyes sideways*

It's been so crazy here at the Yellow Heart Art Studio (and by studio I mean taking over every square inch of our apartment) (not even the bathroom is safe) (just kidding guys, that place is safe, your prints are not chillin' on the john waiting to be shipped) (...yet)

I had wrote this post a while back about my experience at Renegade and how on a scale from 1-10 on the awesome-ometer it was about a 3,467.8

But I didn't really show you guys my booth, so here she is in all her glory!

and ps, all these photos are unedited, so just squint your eyes or turn your head if a photo isn't oriented correctly. Just think of it as "interactive photography" or "eye and neck exercises" (it'll be a thing one day just you wait)

Vintage crate with hand painted knobs up top to hold necklaces. Hand painted keys lined up on an old wooden sign. True Story: I dug that sign out of the garbage at work. Pinky promise it was full of paper. Homegirl doesn't touch gooey things.

Me saying to bub "Did you get upclose of everything over there?" Ha. Can you tell I'm italian? I talk with my hands.

Oh, you like my clipboards? Did you notice the super ghetto ones over to the left and right? I DID have 21 clipboards but SOMEBODY misplaced them *cough bub* so 2 days before renegade bubs and I made a mad dash to home depot, got some fiber board, cut it down and stuck a binder clip on top. Whose your daddy baby? (sorry that was creepy, I vow never to say that again)

the end.

till next year renegade! Peace out!

((also big thanks to these 2 ladies in this photo, they bought a ton of yellow heart art loot!))


  1. I love your booth + all your amazing products! You are so talented Leonora!! PS Your homemade clipboards are AWESOME! :)

  2. awesome set-up and you look super cute in your hat! I might steal a few of your display ideas for my next show... :)

  3. Way to go on that dumpster dive find!! Everything looks fantastic, great job Leo!


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