Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finally Giving In

You guys, I finally gave in.

I have fought the neon trend for so long now, but I am finally bitten with the neon bug.

I don't know why but I try so hard to fight trends. I finally surrendered my white flag to:
• Colored Denim
• Capris
• The color Mint Green
(I know, shocking, it always reminded me of those gender nuetral baby showers) (but now I'm team mint)
• Skinny Jeans
• Jeggings (Dear whomever invented stretchy pants that I get to wear out in public: Love you. Let's make out and have babies)
Now don't get me wrong, I'm not gonna go all flash dance on you and bust out to Modanna's "Vogue" While sporting some neon leg warmers. I like my neon in small doses. Just enough to give it a lil "pop" a lil "shazaam" a lil "Hey, how YOU doin'"

also you might have noticed that some of our Yellow Heart Art necklaces got a little neon facelift?

and more ovah hea!
Hey, is neon not your thing? Then I am selling left over inventory of my original fabric necklaces over here for over 60% off, but hurry only 1 of each left! <3


Oh hey know what else is going on? I have a WINNAH for this awesome giveaway I hosted last week!
If you are the lovely Whitney Freeman than shoot me an email at yellowheartart at gmail dot com to get your goodies!! You have 3 days to get back to me :) 


  1. I've not been bitten by the neon bug yet. Maybe soon.. we'll see. Love all of these things you posted though! haha

  2. I am not huge on neon, but I do have some colored denim....so maybe that's the same thing??

  3. So funny! I fought the neon bug too but gave in as well. At first I was like, "omgosh! those colors are too bright and remind me of the 80s!"...now I love it! :)

  4. Love all the neon inspiration. I love the neon trend!


  5. yayyy for jumping on the neon bandwagon! it's hard not to surrender to trends sometimes esp when they are throwback ones!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. I totally avoid the bandwagon for as long as possible haha!




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