Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Faves!

Dear Etsy: Stop being so awesome. 

Actually, never mind, let the awesomeness continue.

I'll just get a 3rd job to buy everything in my faves.

Or sell a non-vital organ on ebay, whichever.


Or as I like to call it "the grinch" necklace b/c the grinches heart grew 3 sizes too big. (cheesy? Maybe. but would you expect anything else from me? Exactly.)

Dude, I want to eat this bracelet. (side note: don't do 2 things while hungry; go food shopping AND browse etsy b/c you will think inedible objects are delish) (another side note: when I was a kid I thought "inedible" was "ineatable". Ok so I was a special kid)

I have no idea why I love this frekkin ring so much, but I must own it. I think my ring fingers deserves to be treated like royalty, doncha think? Too bad my pudgie fingers are too big for this ring. I think this calls for a water diet.

One day I will make a friday faves that doesn't have anything with mustard and gray in it. But not today. Or probably next week. Or probably ever. Wow, just totally made a liar outta myself there...I am not proud of this moment either guys.

I like how if I were to own this bag my make up would be way more fashionable than me.

what are some of your faves? Happy Friday Loves!



  1. That little heart necklace is faaaantastic.

  2. I LOVE son of sailor! Haven't bought from there yet but have about 25 things in their shop favorited! :]


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