Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Works In Progress Wednesday! The "Pretty in Pink" Edition

I love anything girly. So When Laura came to me with her vision for what she wanted for her shop, Lillypie Accessories, I knew we were a match made in magical girly heaven.

She wanted something with my signature flowers but placed inside a banner.

annnd this is what I came up with!

((disclaimer: the photo is not mine, it was supplied to me from Laura, the logo design however is ©Yellow Heart Art))

she squealed. I swooned. we were in love. it was a done deal.

Doncha love her lil tag line "Feel pretty, be adorable"?

Laura is an absolute sweet heart, I own some of her hair bling and even more awesomer she's a participating shop in swag swap week! Go check out her shop when you have a chance, trust me, it's worth the OOOOing and AAAHHHHing.


I've worked with Olivia 2 times already in the past, so when she came back for a round 3 I was super stoked and honored to work with her again.

Olivia is graduating from college (HIGH 5 GIRL!) and wanted a quirky invitation to include in her announcement to family members.

She wanted a little story line with various fonts ((the blurred out sections are where Olivia is having her ceremony, didn't think she wanted me to blast all over cyber space where her par-taay was or else she would have a TON of guest show up ha! Also the orange fainted text is just my watermark))

doncha love her story?? I joked with Olivia on how she needs to have me design her wedding invites.

What are you all working on?


  1. How cute!! I love them both!! You did a FANTASTIC job girl!!!

  2. Love it! I've been following you on Twitter and really enjoy all your whimsical designs!

  3. you're so stinking talented, lady! love ALL of your work! :) (and i think abt you every day since you're all over mi casa ;))

  4. I'm smiling from ear to ear! and even ran to show the boyfriend 1) my 15m of fame on your page, 2) the wedding invite joke. which he just rolled his eyes at. hahaha.


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