Monday, November 21, 2011

The Weekends are for Dates!

Here is what my week consists of:

• Wake up at 7:30am
• Work my Full Time Graphic Artist job till 5pm
• Come home, cook dinner
• Stop bub from eating cookies before dinner
• Tell bub to put down the toy helicopter and eat dinner
• Try to avoid the missels launching from said helicopter that are being aimed towards my head.
• Wash Dishes
• Do Laundry
• Create new art for the shop
• Make and Ship Orders


*tap tap* is this thing on? Dear Growing up: You Suck.

So on the weekends the LAST thing I want to do is work, cook or clean.

So this saturday we did a lil date.

We went to one of my most favorite spots on Long Island:

Isn't it GORGE?!

But don't be fooled, I was FAH-REEEZING

((case in point exhibits A, B and C below))

See my jacket? It's like wearing a comforter.

And I frekkin love it. Scored it on sale from Eddie Bauer end of season 2 years ago (mama didn't raise no fool)

After the trip to the docks we went into my other all time fav place on Long Island (Huntington Village) for some paninis, cupcakes and a stroll through a veteran memorial. Pretty sure in the last picture I was going "Steeeeeeeve" since he ran away from me and I had no clue where he was in the american flag jungle.

Oh, Steve? Thats Bub. I know, he has a legit name, who knew.

But don't I look so patriotic?

How was your weekend?!


  1. i have the same coat from eddie bauer - scored it 2 years ago too back in Chicago! mine is black but still...craaaazy, we are meant to be friends!

    btw, love the pics. and lately, i haven't enjoyed being grown-up either...ha. i'm already looking forward to another weekend! love ya :)

  2. what a fun picture in the flags, and it does look beautiful! I haven't had to bust out the comforter quilt jacket just yet, it's been very lovely in CT for some reason! I always buy my super intense jackets when I visit home to Phoenix, they go on insane super sale almost the day they are put on the racks!

  3. oh my goodness, it looks like you had an absolutely fab weekend!!! glad you got a break from the business of the week!


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