Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Works in Progress Wednesday! The "let it snow" edition

I love love love designing things for friends.

I love designing them more so when it involves thee most wonderful time of the year (and no, I'm not talking about the Victoria's Secret semi annual sale, although this is a glorious time of the year--one that my boobies thank me for)

I am talkin' bout the Holidays! Ya know, Chestnuts roasting on an open fire--the stockings hung from the fireplace with care--he knows when you are sleeping he knows when you're awake mumbo jumobo (ok, Santa knowing when I'm sleeping VS awake is kinda creepy--just stalk my facebook Santa, like all my High School friends & relatives do...)

 When Jessica and Kim wanted handmade gift guides for their blogs I was all like "uhh heck yeah let's make it happen!"

Here is what I whipped up for Jessica:
to check out her gift guide go here! It's full of am-may-zing handmade shops to scope out for the holidays!

This is what I came up with for Kim

Her guide isn't up yet but check back on her blog the week of  November 7th-12th for some ballin' shops, you won't be disappointed

and since snow is almost in full force here in NY it was perfect that Kirtley contacted me around this time to come up with some new branding for her etsy shop! Her shop name is Snowdrift Designs, so I kept it modern enough to be used all year round with just the right mix of a "snow" theme!

check out her new etsy banner!

What are you doing to get into the holiday spirit? Come on people christmas is only, like, 7-1/2 weeks away! (WHA THE WHAT?!)

OH! PS-if you want some Yellow Heart Art in your stocking this year be sure to order by December 5th to guarantee Christmas Delivery!

Also? Are you a part of Swag Swap Week? It's open to handmade shops AND bloggers!

(go check it out, pinky promise its worth the click)

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  1. I JUST love everything you design... would it be too much to have you just follow me around and make awesome backdrops for me to stand in front of as I go throughout my day that are appropriate to where I am and how I'm feeling a la New Girl opening sequence? No? Yeah, I didn't think so either.


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