Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Faves! The "I browsed my etsy faves" edition

It's weird, I have always loved etsy, but now since I have a shop on there I find myself stalking etsy like some sort of deranged hunger induce lioness hunting for prey.
Well, thats a visual there now isn't it?

I am so proud of myself, as much as I want to add all 438,957,675,109,348,947 items to my cart and exclaim WEEEEEE SHOPPING SPREE! I don't.

So instead I share my faves with you lovelies so I can live vicariously through you. And if you wanted to, like, I don't know, buy some for me and mail them to me I wouldn't really hate you for that. In fact, I totally encourage it.

Stripe Sleeping Beauty Mask by Rouge & Whimsy

Confession Alert: I rarely wash my eye makeup off my face before going to bed, which results in me waking up like some football player who has just played the super bowl for 8 hours. This is perfect for hiding my eyes and having bub wake up to this gorgeous sleep mask and not Peyton Manning.

Leg Warmers by Mademoiselle Mermaid

I'm so happy that ballerinas aren't the only ones allowed to wear leg warmers anymore. I totally don't have the grace of a ballerina--unless ballerinas are allowed to do the roger rabbit and the sprinkler, if so then blast some vanilla ice and sign me up.

Open Ring by Joy Killed the Poet

how cool is this ring?! It's open up top so the 2 stones rest inside your 2 fingers. It's like a 2 for one freebie. Also doubles as one sick optical illusion. Move over Cris Angle, I have my own tricks now.

Light Grey Bubble Scarf by Fair Store

umm. fun. (thats all that needs to be said)

a little bear that can be my photography assistant? Sold.
Maybe he can take all my "what I wore Wednesday" shots for me. You're Hired!

What are your favorites friends??


didja enter to win a lovely infinity scarf by Cotton Lane? If not, umm, you should.

one more you have a handmade shop or blog? If so you should be a part of Swag Swap Week! A week of swapping your goods for goods in other shops! OR Bloggers can swap ad space with shop owners in return for their goods! (I Know, ballin')


  1. those leg warmers look soo warm and cozy and stylish! i think i need a pair to style in an outfit post!!

  2. I love it all!!! I will buy two of everything and send you over the duplicates!! :)

  3. :) i feel famous!! xo.

    also, i favorite things on etsy likes it's my job.

    i wish it was my job.

  4. you are hilarious. and yes, i know the dangers of etsy browsing. im right there with you. but for the record, i don't think there's anything wrong waking up to Peyton Manning. Actually, make that Eli. :)


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