Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'm Wearing Puppies

You don't see too many photos of my mug show up on my blog, and theres a reason for that.

1. I work full time on top of having Yellow Heart Art so its hard to squeeze in some selfies after hustlin' the 9-5 gig. All I wanna do when I come home from work is open my fridge and eat the first slightly appetizing thing that makes eye contact with me. Sometimes its a sandwich, sometimes its a bottle of ketchup.

2. I am not exactly totally ok with myself, but I am working on that

3. I haven't bought a new outfit since, like, 2011.

But look at this uh-dor-able dress that Kintage hooked me up with!

As you can see it past my "twirly" test. The best part? From a distance the dress looks like its just another run-of-the-mill polka dotted dress... but then you get close to me and you're all like "whoa what? is this some kind of magic eye dress you got going on here girl?" (ok, did I just date myself by referencing those magic eye books. Raise your hand if you stayed crossed eyed longer than you wanted to at age 10)

Dress: c/o Kintage, Reign of Terrier Dog Print Dress
Necklace: c/o Flawed Perfect Jewelry (use "LEONORAROCKS" for 10% off weeee)
Cardi: Kohls
Shoes: Target 

YES THOSE ARE FREKKIN DOGS ON MY DRESS! (or, if you're from Long Island we like to call them "dawgs" sometimes we walk them while on our way to get some "cawfee" and "chawclet" at the shopping "mawl") (it's ok guys, I cringe when I talk too)

It's like I get to channel my inner Lady Gaga by wearing a bunch of puppies.

Ok, it's nothing like that at all.

I paired this dress with my favorite flawed perfection jewelry necklace. The confetti colors gave it that extra "pop" I wanted. Also this necklace kinda plays a trick on you too, you can actual purchase different bead strands and change out your necklace to fit your mood or outfit! (For me I think I'll have them match my outfit, I tend to change my mood way too much)

Do you have any outfits that play tricks on you?


  1. Adorable pattern!! PS I LOVE those patterns when they change the longer you stare at them!! haha! :)

  2. Gahhh!! I have a top w/ puppies on it I got at least a year ago from Old Navy and its one of my favorites!! And the twirly test is a definite must in my book!! You look adorable in it :)
    By the Seat of My Shorts

  3. I LOVE that dress and it looks so great on you!! Love the twirly photo :)


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