Monday, October 28, 2013

How To Find Images on the Web That do NOT Link Back to their Source

How many times have you scoured pinterest while at the dentist office, during commercial breaks or in bed (I'll just go to bed when I get to the bottom of this page...ok the bottom of this the bottom of this page.. OH I refreshed YAY MORE PINS!) and you come across thee most perfect pin out there.

You know the pin. You come across a sweater. Its an aztec sweater, oh shes a beaut. You have been searching for thee most perfect cream and black aztec sweater that has gold beading all throughout. The length is perfect too, hits ya right at the waist. You swear your phone just started to glow a little brighter and you wipe away a tear of joy from your eye as your finger taps the image so you can be directed to the check out page so you can hurry up, click "add to cart" and start day dreaming what skinny jean and scarf combo will look great with that sweater.

Except, there is an error message. You let out a NOOOOOOOO, curse the azter sweater gods, shut down your phone and go to bed praying that this was all just a bad dream.

But its not a dream, this is real life, and that aztec sweater that you imagined in your head and have finally seen in the flesh is gone.

Enter me, wearing a fabulous pink cape with a gold script "L" on the back (can you visualize it? I look cute, right?) I am here to save the day! Do not fret guys, I got you.

Here is how you can find out where an image's source is so you can do the following:
• purchase items you see on pinterest that have no link backs
• properly credit artist's whose artwork goes viral with no credit linked back to them
• feature items on your blog and giving them the proper credit that they are due
• figure out where the original DIY post is so you can make whatever it is that caught your eye
• be able to send your friend that awesome link of the picture of that cat wearing a lobster costume

There are one of 2 ways to do this.
Number One:
• Right click and save the image in question to your desk top.
• Go to, it's this really awesome place that lets you find websites by hitting keywords. It's pretty trendy right now you've probably heard of it or used it before.
• Take that picture that you saved to your desk top and click and drag it to the "search" box. Once you see the search box change shape let go.

BAM all the websites out there containing that image show up. This trick works 90% of the time, sometimes people will feature that same image on their site with NO link back. Most of the time I usually find the shop that had the product I was looking for so I can purchase it.

Number Two:
Erika showed me this handy trick the other day! There is this website called it's the same concept as the google image option but instead of clicking and dragging your photo to the search bar just upload the image into the "browse" button located on that site.


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  1. Yay! I knew about but I'm glad to see more and more people "getting the word out" about properly sourcing your Pinterest images. Hooray!


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