Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: All Cozied Up

Hey Guys, remember me? I'm that quirky chick who wears scarves in the summer and puts cream cheese on my egg sandwiches (no judging till you've tried it)

This past weekend the bubs and I finally put the down payment on our wedding venue (ladies and gentlemen we have a date!) so I wanted to look comfy yet put together for our wedding errands.

Hat: Charlotte Russe (Too old for the clothes, buuuut still pushing their accessories)
Bow: brickyard buffalo
Poncho: Bought it on the streets in some fall festival (I'm classy like that)
Purse: Kate Spade (I'm that girl who hoards birthday money and splurges with it)
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Carlos Santana (Dooooo dooo dee dooo doo do da doooo) (thats my best Carlos Santana Guitar riff impression) (it's a work in progress)

and here is me standing in a room re-created for the 1940s (yep this is an area in our wedding venue! Can ya guess where we're getting married?) (the photos on the wall should help ya!)

I don't know whats happening with my face in this photo....


  1. yay for setting a date! and you look so cute doing it :).

  2. you're so cute. i want to hug you neck again very soon! so excited that you got your venue and date!

    much love,
    your favorite buckle buddy for life (and even bubs can't take that away from me ;))

  3. Hey, I love the clearance rack at Charlotte Russe, and I'm WAY older than you! ;-)

  4. ooooh!! I love this outfit + the photos on the wall!! I love how your wedding is coming together!! :)

  5. You are so cute, and congrats!!!



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