Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Yellow Heart Art got a facelift recently! I would love to say that it was a quick and painless process but revamping all my product photography, saving as low resolution jpgs, and re-uploading to my shop took for-frekkin-evaaaah.

But, it was so worth it. I love the new clean and polished look. My prints now have a little "environment" to live in and I couldn't be more thrilled. In the past I have totally sucked at product photography. I am waaaaay better at taking pictures of people than things. I think I did a pretty decent job! What do you guys think?

Next step: Create more art. My hand will be permanently in the "claw" formation for a while. At least it'll make scratching an itch on my back a lot easier... 


  1. Looks so great! love the new pics :)

  2. this is SOO great. come take pics of my bags?

  3. Pretty sure I have to buy the jump on the bed print.

  4. They all look SO fabulous!!! Great job!

  5. yeah, you did an amazing job! feel free to come to san diego and take pics of my pieces whenever you want :).


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