Monday, October 7, 2013

Weddings Weddings WEDDINGS!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to be a bridesmaid in my college bestie's wedding. We go back 10 years (whaaaat??) and we've stayed in touch ever since! We met in photoshop 101 (in case anyone is wondering if I actual went to college to make pretty things all day...yes I did) and since then we've had our fair share of stressful "art school kids" moments.

• Having to draw ourselves life sized and nude
• Staying up till 2am finishing sculptures that involved power tools that were waaaaay out of our comfort zone
• Faking our way through every art critique by throwing in there words like "dominant and sub domination motion" "composition" " todays society..." "negative space" and "harmonious color palette"
• Having our art box fall at least once a week while running late to class which involved having to pick up charcoal pencils, kneaded erasers, pastels, paints, inks, clay tools, pens, markers and sharpies. Our "art boxes" would inevitably always take a spill in front of the football team's dorm rooms on their way back from practice. Needless to say we didn't land many dates with the football team...
• Holding each other and stroking each other's hair when one of us would develop a roll of film that was over exposed.

From charcoal stained finger nails to now seeing you say "I do" I am so happy that you gave me the honor of standing by your side as you married the love of your life.

(psssttt im the one in the dark brown)

ummm, how cute is their "first look with out actually having a first look" (they wanted a photo before the wedding but didn't want to see each other. My heart melted into a giant pile of goo during this photo)

...and didn't I do a good job of re-creating Josh and Courtney as little wooden people for their wedding day??

...and now it's my turn! HUZZAH!!

all photos by Kristen Randolph


  1. aaawww!! I love their 'first look'!! And those little peg people are adorable!! I love her dress + all the bridesmaids dresses!!

  2. you look gorgeous! love the bridesmaids dresses. also, college friends are the best :).

  3. Love the wooden people! That may be the cutest thing I've ever seen!


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