Monday, November 12, 2012

Rock to hide under, Party of 1?

I had ordered my bridesmaid dress for my friend's wedding back in August. The wedding place made it clear that once the dress came in you had to quickly pick it up and pay any remaining balance you had left on the dress in cash.

My friend lets me know a few days ago the dress was finally here. I felt bad for not being more excited about it, I just felt like the dress came in at such a bad time. It was low on my priority list at that point since my apartment was still with out power, bub and I were staying with his parents, bub was working crazy hours at the base due to all the sandy drama (him and I barely had any form of communication for 2 weeks)  & I just needed to get back into my normal routine stat.

So I made time this weekend to head over there. I expected this to be a wham bam thank you ma'am kinda deal. Run it, get the dress, and run out.

I go to get the dress and I see her hanging up on the rack. Its really pretty, in fact it will be the first bridesmaids dress I will actually wear again (hell I'll even wear this dress to the McDonald's drive through I dont care) (actually I dont eat McDonalds, swap McDonalds with Starbucks and we got ourselves a legit hypothetical here guys)

They tell me I have to try it on. Lately I have been having some serious body issues and really didn't want to see myself in a strapless dress at that moment in time. But, I go and try it on and discover that the zipper will not go up. Not because its too small, but because the zipper seems to be faulty.

The woman comes over, calls for back up, and neither one of them can get it up. They tell me this is "normal" and to go to alterations for them to lube that sucker up.

When taking off the dress I notice a pull by the bodice. Now I start to get peeved b/c I am spending a little less than 1 weeks salary on the dress when all is said and done and I am receiving a dress with a pull and a zipper that won't go up. Homegirl does not need a wardrobe malfunction a la Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl style happening at my friend's wedding.

So, I run to alterations and of course have to wait 20 minutes for the woman to see me. She tells me that the way the dress is these zippers tend to get stuck blah blah blah. I also show her the pull and takes it to the back to see what she can do.

While waiting for the dress to come back out a woman waits in line behind me. I joke with her that if I ever get married I am thinking about eloping because if I am dealing with this much drama over a bridesmaids dress lord knows how much baby daddy mama drama I will be dealing with when it comes to an actual wedding.

She tells me her son is getting married and she just can't wait for it to finally be done with. I wasn't sure why she couldn't wait for it to just be over, so I asked her and she tells me why.

Her 29 year old son had stage 4 cancer.

This is the part where I begin to feel like a huge giant jerk. I start to look for some giant boulder for me to crawl under but the bridal shop was fresh out of them (weird).

The seamstress brings my dress back out, I still see the pull, and when she asks me if the dress is ok I quickly say "ohmygoditssobeautifulthankyousomuch!" rip the dress off the hanger and bolt out of the salon.

I believe that sometimes you meet certain people at certain moments to give you a reality check. Is the dress perfect? No. Will anyone notice the pull? No. Should I worry about more important things? Yes.

In other news, I finally have my power back! It was gone for 7 days, we had it back for 2, then lost it again for an additional 4 days. I was never more happy to finally turn on a light switch in my apartment and to see glorious florescent light glaring back at me that.

I am still selling this limited edition print in my shop where the proceeds go to hurricane sandy relief. I want to thank all you guys who have purchased the print, you are all amazing.

SIDE NOTE: if my friend whose wedding I am in happens to read this post, please know that I am super stoked to be in the wedding and I LOVE the dress, this post was not about ripping apart the dress, it was about my "ah-hah" moment <3 love ya Courtney!


  1. You are so entertaining for me to read! and i'm sure so many more lads and ladies feel the same way about you! I am happy for you that your power has been restored and your back ..Home? I had a reality check the other day similar to yours... sometimes we take for granted what we have and when were "put in our place" its a real wake up call isn't it? Have a fantastic day!

  2. I'll join you under that rock-- I've definitely been there.

    Also, your note to the bride cracked me up. :)


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