Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Kicking off the black friday week with a super crazy pants deal.

I decided to stop selling the wooden necklaces in the Yellow Heart Art Shop.

Why, you ask?
Well, I decided that I want to try to consolidate my shop a bit for the time being. Originally Yellow Heart Art was strictly a print shop. I was able to design a new print line frequently and constantly offer new silly prints for you guys to nab up!

But now that I have added stamps, scarves, necklaces and plushes to the mix I feel as though my prints are getting lost in the shuffle. I want to try to keep my shop a "home decor" shop for the time being. If down the road I come up with some killer designs for new necklaces then of course I wont hesitate to bring them back.

But for now I am ready to say "see ya later" to them (cause this isn't goodbye quite yet!)

So guess that what means for you? You guys get to nab my existing necklaces at 50% off!

Once they are sold out thats it though, so I would quickly get on it! They retail for $30 but I am selling them at a reduced price of $15!

Pretty sure you are going to kick christmas's ass this year with this deal. Plus Also? I have high quantities in some styles, so they would make perfect bridal party gifts as well!

Best part? NO COUPON CODE NEEDED! The price is already reflected in the listing!

Now, who wants a great deal?


  1. Woo hoo just ordered two! Perfect for my sisters birthdays coming up!

    I am ever amazed at your creativity! My wish list is full of your prints!

  2. I did I did! I have been eyeballing your Ball Jar necklace for a long time now..just couldn't pass up that deal! Love your arts!


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