Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I am Thankful For... (A link up party! come join us!)

Julie of Julie Ann Art asked me and Erika to be a part of her "thankful for" link up. I was so stoked to do it! A part of me wondered what I could write about. She had brought this up to me before I had went through Hurricane Sandy. It's kinda funny because I really have a new found appreciation for things I completely and 100% took for granted.

1. Electricity
I was with out electricity for close to 2 weeks. Driving with out traffic lights and not being able to use our electric stove was a huge eye opener. I had never gone that long with out power before. You use it for everything…EVERYTHING.

christmas in NYC
 2. The Bubs
I am so thankful I have me a Bub. He drives me absolutely insane, but I wouldn't have it any other way. He scratches my head when I have a migraine, he makes me chicken soup when I am sick, he tackles me down to the ground for no good reason at all, he pinches my butt as I run up the stairs in front of him, he always kisses me goodnight and he is my biggest fan. He supports me and my handmade business so much that he even bought me a website 2 years ago (oops). Every time I make a sale he gets just as excited about it as I do.

3. My contacts
Take your hand. Now place it about 1 foot away from your face. Yeah, thats pretty much the distance I can see with out wearing glasses or contacts. I am so grateful that I have a way to correct my vision so I can see things clearly. Sure, they pop out on occasion when I drive and they sometimes cause me to awkwardly wink at strangers as I try to get them to shift back into place but I love them.

4. My family
My mom is amazing. I can go to her for anything at all. She totally 100% gets me. We also laugh at ridiculous things together. My brother is pretty rad. He is constantly checking in with me to make sure I'm ok.

5. My Talents
I am so happy that I am a creative person. I absolutely love what I do. I love to design new pieces of art on the computer, I love to take photos, I love to make jewelry--if it involves cutting and glueing I am there.

6. The internet
Pinterest? Nuff said.

what? I'm vain ok? Homegirl likes her lashes long and voluminous awright?

8. My Car
my little blue honda fit is FINALLY paid off! Guess who was the first person to put a big 'ol scrape in my car once it finally belonged to me? Give ya one guess who *cough see number 2 cough*

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  1. You are right. Mascara really is the one type of makeup that just makes the face. Definitely deserves a spot in our Link Up Party. :] xoxo

  2. haha! Mascara + the internet are pretty darn important! :)
    I love this list + finding new blogs through this linky party!!

  3. you and bubs are soo cute!! yes, thank goodness for internet!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  4. Oh, contacts are a good one! I too am completely blind without them :).

  5. Woohoo electricity! It's so easy to take it for granted. Glad I could link up with you guys! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. It's amazing what we realize what we take for granted when we don't have it and how much more we appreciate it (I've definitely been there!). Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. haha I love that you call him "bubs"! So cute! And yes, I can't imagine being so long without electricity! And it doesn't even get this cold around here. Definitely something to be thankful for! When I saw on the news that people were burning their furniture to keep themselves warm, my heart broke into a million pieces.
    And contacts is a good thing to put on the list! I see nothing without mine!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  8. Mascara! I can't live without it. Happy Thanksgiving! :)


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