Monday, November 26, 2012

Geometric Holiday Gift Guide!

Do you guys know Jessica of Son of a Sailor? She makes killer jewelry, I should just re-route my paycheck to her bank account because I plan on owning her entire shop.

She asked me and a couple of other shop owners to round up some of their favorite products for a holiday gift guide series.

I was so stoked she asked me to be a part of it! Here are my faves for the geometric lover in your life.

  1. Sure, you can drink coffee out of that All State Insurance mug you got for free when you signed up with them, OR you can drink out of this beauty. When I think mugs I think of dads sitting at the kitchen table at 8am in their tighty whities sipping out of some lame-o “best dad evah” mug. But this mug? This changes everything. Who knew mugs could be swoon worthy! $16
  2. There are so many iPhone cases on the market, but there are a few that actually make me go “dayum girl I gots to have that!”. It’s modern, sleek and well all around awesome. $18
  3. Ok, hear me out. I was so anti this whole new antler trend. It kinda creeped me out, I thought people were going around herding deer and ripping off their poor antlers. Little miss city girl over here had no clue that deers actually shed their antlers naturally (hey, no judgment, home girl is from NY ok?) so when I found out that important piece of information that instantly became a game changer. I love how the shop, The Painted Antler, “girled up” these antlers and made them sleek, modern and stylish. It would never occur to me to paint an antler. I absolutely love it and can see all my SOS jewelry being hung from it! $64
  4. Whenever I wear “everyday” jewelry I always go simple and modern. These triangles are just the right amount of “statement” with out being over bearing. I love how you can add a tiny pop of color to your ears. $12
  5. I own a Krust bag and let me tell you, homegirl has talent. The bag is stitched so perfectly you would think you bought it at a coach store or something. I love how she doesn’t just take pre made fabric and bust out a bag, she actually takes the time to create her own shapes and patterns by cutting up the fabric and stitching it back together. I’ll take one of everything please. $50
  6. Spoiler alert: I own so much son of a sailor swag. 2 necklaces and 2 bracelets (and even more added to my christmas list) (do you hear me santa? don’t make me make any threats) (just give me my SOS and your cookies will go untainted) I had the opportunity to meet Jessica at Renegade Craft Fair over the summer and shes super sweet and amazing! You can tell her and her husband put so much work into their craft, and it shows. The quality is superb and I always get asked “guuuurl where did you get that necklace?!” every time I wear it. They are great for layering (Since they are perfectly dainty!) or wear by itself. They are my go-to necklaces. $30
What are you planning on giving your loved ones this holiday? Also, all these items were picked out by me but Jessica used her mad graphic design skillz to make a pretty sweet collage. She really knows the way to my heart is a nice clean white collage graphically designed well. Swoon.

You can see more holiday gift guides by visiting Jessica's blog!

Oh, hey, in case you missed it our ha-uge Cyber Monday sale is STILL happening! All items in the shop are 20% off with code HOLIDAY20, also all our necklaces have been reduced down an additional 50%, plus all orders over $30 gets a free gift! Enter "FREE GIFT" in the notes to the seller box at check out to redeem (Must be $30 after any coupon codes and before shipping fees to be eligible)

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  1. ooooh i will take on of each of these. thankyouverrrymuch


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