Friday, October 12, 2012

You all need to hold me accountable (DIY List)

I know it's too late to make a "New Years Resolution", which is why I am making a "holy crap 2012 is almost done and I need to tackle this year like a boss" Resolution.

WIth only 2-1/2ish months left to 2012 I really want to step up my "inner Martha" game. It has been se rewarding making new products and artwork for Yellow Heart Art, but as rewarding as it is I do miss making new things for myself.

I rounded up my favorite DIY projects that I really want to make. You guys are going to keep me accountable for accomplishing at least 1/2 this list by Dec 30th, 2012.

Got it?

DIY Gold Leaf Decoration on Porcelain 

These would be so cute for future craft shows. (found here)

DIY Antler Floral Necklace Holder
Fun fact about me: I am a ha-uge animal lover. One time Bubs accidentally ran over a baby chimpmunk and I kid you not I was inconsolable for a solid 2 hours. So when I saw this antler fad take over the handmade community it made me really uncomfortable at first, but then I realized people were using the antlers that naturally fell off from the animals instead of "killing" them for it, so now I am on team "decorate the entire house in naturally "shedded" deer antlers". I don't think Bub is on board this train yet but he will be. Make your own here.

DIY Ceramic Mug Art

Ok so confession alert time. Whenever Bubs and I go into costco I grab him by the shoulders, make him look me dead in the eye, then say "Listen, we stay strong, we go in for JUST chicken wings and cranberry juice. We will NOT be tempted by the middle aisle of gloriousness that is filled with calvin klein jackets and toy helicopters for 60% off, got it?" He then bluntly tells me that he can't make that promise. To be honest, neither can I, which is why I left there with a 30 set Sharpie Marker Set. Everyone needs 30 sharpies, especially if you're making some suh-weet mug art, right? Make some mug art with me over here!

"DIY" warhol cans
True Story: me and my best friend are taking over the east and west coast of long island going to every single Target trying to find these stupid .75c cans. So, if any of you guys come across that glorious middle can in your local Target I will pay for you to have it shipped to me. Swear. "Make" some can art here

Who else is with me? Whose gonna DIY the shiz outta your house?

OH! in other breaking news, the 1st winner chosen for a giveaway never came forward! So if you are Kim Davis you might wanna email me to claim yo prize, you can see what you won here


  1. Love that antler diy. The fad kind of weirded me out at first too....but I get it now :).

  2. I have a fatty list of DIYs too... that I really need to get on. It's sick. Keep me accountable too? P.S. I'm going to Target on my lunch break so I'll look for those cans.

  3. i def want to make a mug like that one! plus it's fun to run on anything with a sharpie!

  4. Hi! I just found your blog. I bought those Warhol cans at the Bayshore,NY Target last week. Check there if you're in the area!

  5. 30 sharpies might not be enough. Love those colors!

  6. Love the antlers, and the mug diy.

  7. I love the "holy crap 2012 is almost done and I need to tackle this year like a boss" Resolution. I might have to make one of those myself.

    Also, I sent you an email. I found some at my local target (and grabbed one of each color) and you need to reply to my email with your address, so I can send them to you!

    1. That should specify that I found some of those soup cans... that I'd gladly send you!

  8. i wish i had time to do soo many DIYs!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  9. I've done the Sharpie Coffee Mug DIY- it was super easy and fun!


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