Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Top 4 Best Eyeshadows

Ever since middle school I was always the girl who had 10 minutes to get ready for a homecoming dance or out to dinner because all my girlfriends would want me to do their hair and make up for them before going out.

It's a good thing I'm low maintenance. I swear I could challenge super man to a "wardrobe change battle" to see who can get ready faster in a phone booth.

Do they even make phone booths still? Do I have to fly all the way to London for this challenge? Cause I'm kinda ok with that.

Someone work on finding me superman so we can throw down.

From middle school to now I have probably experience every brand of make up possible. I hate to say it, but I found that using fancy smancy department store brand eye shadow has been the best bet for me. I know I know they're super expensive, but homegirl just hear me out.

Here are my 4 favorite go-tos.
Why I Love Them:
Here is one thing you need to know about me, I love a good bargain. I am always out to try to find a deal or a discount whenever possible, BUT I also know that sometimes you can't "cheap out" with certain things (anyone ever try the no-frills cereal? I would rather eat the box my amazon.com order came in then try "Puff Corn Treats" or "Wheat Flakes". I know you are with me on this one) I would try to use drug store eye shadow but found that it was lacking in that "KAPOW" factor. The color would be super dull and wear off in an hour.

So, if it wears off in an hour, that means I am reapplying more. If I am reapplying more then I am going through more make up. If I am going through more make up then I need to replace it more often.

Do you smell what I am stepping in yet?

Sure, with these brand name make ups you can easily drop $24 on a pot of eye shadow, but the difference is? It will last you way longer than the drug store brand since you do not need to reapply or use as much for the same affect.

Urban Decay, Stila, NARS and Too Faced are amazing. The color in the pot WILL BE the color on your eyes. The pigment is strong and the color will last for at least an entire work shift.

What type of eye shadows do you absolutely love? When do you use drugstore VS department store? For me I can totally get away with drug store mascara and lipgloss since, I mean, you eat 1/2 of it anyway.


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  1. I'm such a sucker for makeup, and eyeshadow is my favorite "item" as far as that goes, so I love this post. UD has very quickly become my favorite brand, but I do have a couple well-loved Too Faced palettes also. Have you tried the matte one? It's so awesome, especially for the fall. I have never taken the NARS plunge just because it's so much to shell out for one thing, but I'm thinking this fall I might just do it.

    I really like wet'n'wild eyeshadow, as far as drugstore stuff goes, because they have a lot of off-the-wall colors. If I want to test how I like a super bold royal blue, or bright purple, I can usually get one of their little $2.99 palettes to test it out. And honestly, they're pretty decent as far as lasting power, even though they're a b!tch to apply due to fallout. All of this paragraph also applies to NYX. I wanted MAC Cranberry, but I wanted to test that kind of color on my skin tone, so I found a NYX dupe first.

    Yeah, kind of obsessed with makeup over here! Sorry for the long comment, but this was a fun post. :) Thanks!

  2. You EAT your mascara? Gross. ;)

    Seriously, I love Too Faced but I'm on a major budget so I usually go for Ulta's eyeshadow or good old Cover Girl. I find that if I use liquid foundation on my eyelids with a little bit of powder before applying them, they stay on a lot longer. A poor girl's trick to using cheap stuff. ;)

    Love this post!

  3. I love Urban Decay!


  4. love love love big beautiful eyes by benefit. sooo awesome. i've been shelling out for the palette for YEARS.


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