Thursday, October 18, 2012

Santa Baby...

I know, Its October 18th, but I have christmas on the brain.

wait, do you hear that?

I think I heard the sound of a million women swinging their legs back in the air so they can kick me in the knee caps.

So, hear me out. I have a ton of people to shop for this year, and I am not over exaggerating when I say all of Bub's relatives also have birthdays between the months of November and January.

So all those birthdays, plus christmas equals a lot of swiping of the 'ol plastic card.

Instead of stressing out and doing all my shopping after thanksgiving I always start end of September / early October.

Besides, shopping is fun, why prolong it?

So, as I was thinking what to get everyone else I started to rally up a things that I absolutely want need from the big guy in the red suit.

santa, you out there? I know you're real.

Yes, homegurl wants a fanny pack.

But LOOK at how CUTE these are! I don't care what you all think, not having to do the "Shoulder Jerk" every time your bag slips down is a god send.

They are made by Hiip and unfortunately they don't have the styles I want available right now (that awesome camel colored in the first photos AND this cute floral number in the 2nd photo) but when they do I am going to be all over that like this annoying fruit fly that keeps buzzing all up in my business while I am eating this apple. Watch it fly, if you end up in my mouth I can't make any guarantees you're going to make it back out. So think really hard about how you want to spend the last seconds of your life here buddy.

these...these make my fingers bust out into "Jazz Hands". I want these fingerless gloves in the worse way EVEEER.

I read the reviews for this ModCloth Dress and every single person loved it. So, they had an amazing coupon code a couple of weeks back and I got this dress in navy discounted. I gotta say, ModCloth nailed it. I need one in all the colors.

do you hear me? ALL.THE.COLORS.

Ok, every christmas I always ask that no one give me any scarves since I literally own a gazillion and one (ya can't forget that extra "one") BUT I own 2 of these american apparel scarves and they are my go-to. I got them as gifts in the past, they are a tad pricey but I love them. "Natural and Cappuccino wide" anyone? (side note: "Natural and Cappuccino wide" is the name of the color, not some questionable drink I get at starbucks)


What are some gifts you are hoping to get this year?

oh and in cased you missed it we're running our first ever contest! Winner gets their choice of Yellow Heart Art necklace or print, enter here!

disclaimer: any friends and family out there who happen to read my blog, I dont really expect to get any of these cause, well, I would probably get a ton of duplicates since no one would be able to tell if someone bought it already or not for me. They're also kinda pricey. I always make a secret "xmas list" of things I plan on buying with any xmas money or giftcards I get that year. I will love whatever anyone gets me! Even if its just a high 5.


  1. ADORE the floral fanny pack! Didn't even realize it was a fan-pack until you pointed it out. Super cute!

  2. Those fanny packs are so amazing they can't even be described as a 'fanny pack' it is more like an awesome pack!!
    Your wishlist is amazing Leonora!! I love everything!! Happy Holidays!! (Yeah I went there! I want the holiday season to be here NOW!!) :)

  3. I love those fanny packs. Saw 'em yesterday and want one. They are so in.

  4. You make me smile! You say, like, the coolest things.



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