Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How I Make Pretty Things

So a few months back I met Julie at a creative conference. Since then we have declared ourselves besties and keep in touch frequently. She had brought this journal with her, and when she opened it up I was all like "wait a sec…I recognize that!"

Julie has this shop called Julie Ann Art. She makes handmade cards for any and all occasions (yep, even for bed hogs and candy corn haters)

I always thought she used a font to make her cards (I mean, its just so precise!) but when she opened up that journal I saw all her cards in "hand drawn" format and was just blown away at her creative process.

I think she needs to make a font and call it "Julie Ann" (I know, I am just so creative here, I should be on her marketing team or something)

I thought it would be fun to also share some of my creative process.
Even though I do have a lot of typography art in my shop I also have a decent amount of illustrations too.

Now for the most part I free hand these illustrations on the computer, but sometimes I need a little help and make a doodle as a jumping off point (side note: how fun is it to say the word "doodle"? My tongue feels like its doing the samba everytime I say it) (Doodle doodle doodle)

I know, for some reasons all my doodles look like they have fur. I can not draw in clean crisp lines.

Once I have my doodle down I upload that sucker to the computer and clean it up and "de-furry-fy" it.

Then all this designer magic happens and it turns into something like this


Whats your creative process?


ps-also in cased you missed it I am giving away a ton of Yellow Heart Art loot over here, and there are 3 winners (I know, we can bear hug me later)


  1. wow! that is awesome! I love what the result of just a little idea turns out to be. this is GREAT! and I'm totally sharing this on twitter!

  2. Does the ebook you helped write "photoshop for bloggers" go over how you make your doodles become "de-furry-fied"? I wanted to draw my own logo for my biz, but I couldn't figure it out.

    1. ha! do you love my technical graphic design jargon? "de-furry-fy"? Unfortunately in the ebook we don't mention how to do this technique since its more advanced and I don't use photoshop to achieve this :( I use a program called illustrator, which is more like a logo design program to trace over my original piece of artwork.

  3. I waaaaant that phone case soooooooo bad! Dam i need an iPhone.

  4. I am most inspired when I'm surrounded by jewelry findings. I rarely map out my designs and come up with them more on-the-fly (or "organically," to sound more fancy-like). So I'll be looking at a piece of chain I just bought from an Etsy seller, realizeit's like a mini version of a chain I removed from a crazy long necklace I found at a flea market in Illinois and think, "Wait, what did I do with that vintage gold brooch with the flower?" I rip off the pin of the brooch and finangle the different but similar chains to create a necklace that looks like it should have always looked that way.

  5. I have the same furry problem with my doodles.. and I thought I was the only one!
    ~Amy Nicole


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