Monday, October 22, 2012

What I Wore, some Yellow Heart Art Scarves!

This weekend I finally had the chance to throw on a semi-decent outfit, bust out the camera & the tripod and take some pictures of my new line of scarves! To celebrate the new collection you can enter "COWL2012" at check out for free shipping!

I had so much fun designing my own fabric and then hand sewing these bad boys up and turning them into fashion cowls.

I paired all 3 scarves with this fun lil numbah

Bling Bling headband - c/o Whippy Cake
Scarves - Yellow Heart Art
Knit Cardigan - Charlotte Russe 
Sun Dress - Target
Boots - Carlos Santana
Belt - Target

What do you guys think?

Oh and ignore my stink eye in some of these photos, Bub wasn't home so I had to take my own pics. I was using a remote cable release and there was a 2 second delay, now 2 seconds doesn't sound like a long time to wait for a photo but when the sun is in your eyes and your smiling at nothing and your neighbors are out on their porch "not watching you" take photos of yourself you start to get antsy, and awkward. (just wait till you get a blog neighbors, you'll see what its like) (it's a hard knock life)


  1. I love these! The fabric designs are awesome and it's the perfect time of year for a cowl!
    and I totally know what you mean about neighbors and what I wore posts...awkward!

  2. Awesome! So I guess I get to look forward to the awkwardness of the neighbors soon.


  3. You are so cute, I can't stand it! Great work!

  4. OMG! That is such a cute pattern. I may just have to look like a geek where I live and buy one to rock around here :)


  5. I love the fabrics! Those are totally cute.


  6. Those are so great, and you look cute!

  7. LOVE the chocolate one. <3 You are beautiful!

  8. You're adorable. And I'm in love with these scarves! They're gorgeous!

  9. I am here from wiww and love your cute cowls...very sweet!

  10. Love your outfit! Great boots.



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