Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WIWW (what I wore Wednesday!)

Now to the untrained eye it may appear that I was so stoked to show you fabulous people my outfit that I just couldn't contain my excitement any longer and I had to let it out in obnoxious jumping form. While that may indeed be the case it was also cold as insert not nice obscenity here and it took everything inside your homegirl's will power to NOT throw my parka over this faboosh little pretty ensemble. Cue me jumping to get the 'ol blood flowing.

So hey, what exactly is Leo wearing?
1. Mustard & Lace bow care of the lovely Sandy from Sandy a la Mode
2. Reversible scarf - Charlotte Russe
3. Navy Blue Blazer - Old Navy
4. White long sleeve - Old Navy
5. Dark Denim Jeggings - Gilly Hicks
6. Adorbz Clutch - Apearnetly Sew by Alison
7. Gray Suede Boots (aka me channeling my inner peter pan) - Steve Madden Walmart (yep, Walmart, and what?)

So hey, whats that gnarly remote in your hand?
oh, oh that? would you believe me if I told that I possessed such skills like taking photos of my lovely self while flying my remote controlled helicopter? No? Yeah I wouldn't believe me either. Attention all bloggers pay attention to what I'm about to say: That thing in my hand is a remote shutter release. Learn it. Love it. Use it. It will be your new best friend.
You no longer have to hit self timer, make a mad dash to the spot where you think its focusing, stand there, smile, rinse and repeat.

go get yourself one. you're welcome in advanced.


  1. ahhhh you are soo cute!! i LOVE your scarf and of course your hair bow!! ;) i totally need a remote shutter so i don't have to wait for my hubby to take pics of me all the time!!

  2. i love my mustard bow from sandy!!

  3. um, what, oh yeah...sorry I was checking your HAWTNESS out. Sweet seeing you out of you parka!


  4. cuteness.
    and there is something you NEVER want to see me in jeggings.
    it will make you jump...jump and hide :)

  5. you are one hottie-mcgee. loved this!!! and i'm right there with you, loving sandy's bow.

    also jumping pictures are da best!

  6. hey there, cute outfit...and I enjoy your explanation of the jump shot. WHERE IS SPRING!?!?!?! I'm a new follower and just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. :)

  7. I totally dig your Walmart boots! So sassy and classy.

  8. You are super adorable, your blog and your outfit.

  9. It's very random to see someone wearing Gilly Hicks. It's based in Columbus with Abercrombie. I used to word there and it's one of those things that it almost weird when you see it outside of cbus! haha!!

    p.s. your photos are adorable! you have fabulous style woman!


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