Thursday, March 24, 2011

New for You!

So granted the Bubs and I do not live with each other yet I still super love (yes, not just love--SUPER love) the idea of having "his side, her side" prints to hang over the bed. But you  know me, I can't just make it say "his side" "her side" it's gotta have some quirk to it. Some pizazz if you shall (shall you?)


I know, pretty fun agreed? I tried to be the big spoon once-it just felt so, I don't know, unnatural. I think the Bubs makes a better Big Spoon. You can nab some spoonage over here.


  1. glad you didn't wait for me to send you an email.
    hi I have no brain left and I forgot.
    This looks fab.

  2. Love these! Your work kills a very good way! Just when I think I have a favourite, you bring out something new!

    ~Lily from Birch + Bird
    ps...I can't comment from our B+B blog...we need the Name/Url option


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