Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shop Makeovah!

The shop is gettin a face lift folks--nip here, tuck there, and bada bing new branding!

We're still keeping it quirky, fun & kitschy (what's your take on the word "kitschy", i dig it, do you dig it? Good, glad we're in agreement. It's official word of the day: Kitschy)  

So sit back and enjoy the ride, Yellow Heart Art is heading in a new direction!

Also to celebrate our new branding we are brewing some new ideas in the 'ol noggin'. Wanna hint?

wait for it...wait for it...

wearable art!

Huh? wearable art? YES! Wearable art!

Will go into more later, but for right now I love to keep you guys on your toes. Maybe I'm talking about temporary tattoos, maybe I'm talking about couture dresses--stay tuned.

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