Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Snapshop (Oh, Sweet Joy! Style)

The lovely Kim from yellow songbird and oh, sweet joy! Has other fellow bloggers link up to her "saturday snap shot" post to create a mish-mosh of, well, uber awesome photos.

I present to you "I Find Beauty Everywhere" Photo

Found this little daisy peaking out of some grime and garbage at the local junk yard. What? You dont go visit your local junk yard to take some artsy fartsy photos? **shifts eyes back and forth** uhh yeah neither do I...
Leonora peacing out <3


  1. actually i would love to go, but probably not by myself!! cute blog by the way! i'm visiting from yellow songbird!

  2. thanks so much you guys! Yes I love the fact that kim does this :) oh and yes I 100% do not recommend going to a junk yard by yourself...I went with the bubs (Bubs: see also, boyfriend) so he can protect me from the abandoned toilet seat covers and broken glass ha.

  3. what a lovely pic! hmmm i haven't been to a junk yard before to take pics.. but maybe i will now!!

  4. @Sandy: You have to ride in style like we did when we first toured the junkyard. And by "ride in style" I really mean "on the back on The Bubs' ATV.


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