Friday, June 28, 2013

You Know You Are an Adult When Napkin Holders Make You Excited About Life

I have recently discovered something about myself: I am an interior design junkie. I get such a high out of nabbing a really cool design-y piece for my home. The Bubs is used to it by now, I promised him he could have an "airplane room" and a beer tap installed in our kitchen back splash. (Bub is in the airforce and loves airplanes, he has a huge collection of airplane shiz and well he needs to get it out of his system. Man cave to the rescue)

Since I am taking over about 90% of the house I am trying to find an aesthetic that works for both him and I. I mean, he is living in the house too why should it be covered in doilies and flowers, right?(disclaimer: I'm not a "doily" and "flower" lover, but a lot of people are and that's cool too!)

The solution I came up with is industrial vintage. He has old airplane parts that look pretty bad ass with my rotting camera collection. Here are some of my "swoonies" (Swoonies: see also, Swoon or something that makes me go all HOLY CRAP I NEED THAT.)

1. Payphone from Urban Outfitters. So this thing not only looks cool but my guests also have to give us money in order to use it? Win-win.

2. Wired Lamp. This sucker needs to be in my dining room. I'm going to eventually have an exposed brick accent wall to go with it as well.

3. Wired Napkin Holder. You know you're getting old when things like napkin holders make your "swoon" list.

4. Giant Clip Thing. I am unsure what I would do with said giant clip thing, but I feel like i need it.

5. Moroccan Backsplash. I want this design to be my kitchen backsplash. I wanted something clean and timeless that doesn't need to be updated in 5 years.

6. Half Moon Basket. I don't really know what I would put in this basket, but who cares. I'll find something even if its just toilet paper.

7. Utensil holder. Dear Utensil Holder: Let's start a beautiful friendship where you hold all the things that no longer fit in my drawers. These things are currently scattered across the counter like some kind of utensil crime scene.

8. DANG IT I DID IT AGAIN. My "product collages" are notorious for skipping numbers. *face palm*

9. Flower Bowl. Obviously my apples and peaches need a cute home to live in, they can't just stay on the shelf in my fridge with no purpose.

**these are not my photos, for where to purchase please click on the links above. These are my own opinions and not a paid post**

What are your favorite places to shop for home decor items?

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  1. This is perfect. My boyfriend and I are moving in together soon and everything I want to buy to decorate the apartment he turns down because he thinks it's "too girly" (I don't know how mustard pillows are girly) I'll have to show him your picks and see if it's gender neutral enough for him!

    Summer x

  2. I LOVE the industrial look! I've also really gotten into vintage decor lately. I hope you'll do a home tour so we can see your awesome interior design skills :)

  3. SO I pretty much love everything in your collection! YAY for brilliant minds!

  4. I adore the stuff you picked out, too cute!


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