Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Life Lately

I am so past due for a little round-up post! <3

HAPPY that we surprised the bride-to-be for her bridal shower! (Congrats courtney!) (She's the cutie in the middle, and I'm rockin' yellow) (shocker)

WISHING that I can tell you why I've been so MIA lately, promise I'll tell ya soon ;)

STOKED to finally try this self tanner out so home girl can stop walking around like a giant glow stick.

PREPPING for Altitude Summit that is happening next week. If you're unfamiliar with Alt its a conference for entrepreneurs and designers to geek out over things like typography and color and other awesome shiz.

MAKING new loot for Yellow Heart Art. More stamps and *new* square pillow covers will make a debut by mid-summer. I know I know I've been talking about square pillows since the winter, It's comin' guys.

OVERWHELMED by a lot lately.

WANTING to cut my side bangs shorter, but New York humidity has other plans for my hair (spoiler alert: it involves afro puff frizz hair)

GEEKING over Renegade Craft Fair that is happening next week too! Unfortunately I couldn't apply to be a vendor this year, but next year? Oh next year it.is.ON.

• ROCKIN' my new aviators like a boss. (or a motorcycle cop, whichever)

HACKING away at my eyebrows. Seriously guys, why didn't anyone tell me that I could've been Jim Dad's understudy in American Pie?

Happy Tuesday Loves!


  1. Look how adorable you are! Love your outfit. Can't wait to hear about all your awesome adventures! Especially Altitude Summit, totally jealous!

  2. love your dress! and your eyebrows were never that bad! haha, you're too funny.


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