Friday, June 14, 2013

When I Was Your Age...

While cleaning up my apartment recently I came across a bunch of items that to me didn't really see that old, but after really looking at them I realized that technology is moving at such rapid speed that you start to have those "when I was your age..." moments.

When I was Your Age:

• Cell phones didn't have a camera, apps or even color. Do you know what our form of entertainment was? A game called snake that was basically a bunch of pixellated squares lined up in a row, you had to get more and more squares with out your "snake" ramming into itself.

• You only got charged for text messages you sent, not received.

• The only form of "blue tooth" we had was when you had too many blue berry blow pops.

• The internet used to make funny noises (reeeeaaaarawww eeehhhhhhh boop boop boop bopp scaaareeeech) 

• Cameras had film.

• So did Video Cameras.

• We had to get our music from Napster.

• Facebook used to be just for people in college. There were no photo albums, games, home page or chat options. It was one profile picture of you and your class schedule. People left you comments in a giant text box and with out fail one idiot friend would accidentally delete your entire "wall" because apparently you could edit everyone's comments.

• MySpace was the shiz.

• MySpace was also super creepy.

• Reality Shows didn't always exist.

• Dawson's Creek and Laguna Beach were our Downton Abby and Jersey Shore.

• All your nails were the same colored nail polish.

• Pluto was a planet

ha, did I forget anything guys??


  1. MySpace was sooooooo creepy. I still remember the day I logged on after about a week of absence and my profile got morphed with someone else's and I was an Asian boy!?!!! Yeah deleted that thing in a blink of an eye. Its crazy to think I have been on FB for now almost 9 years WOW.

  2. hahah this brought back memories. I was thinking about similar things the other day. Like when getting a phone call from a boy (on a landline!) was the best feeling ever! "omg he called me!" Or even getting somebody's phone number was an accomplishment. ah, to be young again ;)

  3. Hahahahha "all your nails were the same coloured nail polish" that made me laugh.

    Summer x

  4. This is hilarious. I'm leaving my job, so after training the new peeps I'm just here for emergency help. I've been cleaning up the office. About twenty minutes ago, I found a lil radio with a CASSETTE PLAYER! Then laughed for a bit. :)

    Oh and thanks for spelling out the internet noise. That made me smile :)

  5. very nice post! seriously oh myspace.... look at it now. crazy.

  6. Anyone else have AOL for their first internet provider? "You've got mail." After the connection sound that was perfectly captured in written form by Leonora!

  7. You can't forget AIM! And the away message, so that when you went out with your friends on Friday night everyone would know where you were cause of your away message! By the way, your internet impression is AMAZING!

  8. You crack me up! I'm sure my "when I was your age" post would be something about dial phones, walkmans, and typewriters! ;-)

  9. I still can't believe that in America, you get charged to receive a text. I have American in-laws and when I found this out it blew my mind. Great post!

  10. What about ICQ? When I was in high school, there was no such thing as texting and barely anyone had a cell phone. Facebook didn't exist, and neither did Twitter or even Google. I used something called "Ask Jeeves" to find my information.

  11. right!?!? MtSpace was the shiz...and so creepy! ahahaha, great list. Our kids will never understand...

  12. I played snake all the time! Ha. I also remember that noise when the internet was starting up. And no one else could use the phone. LOL. I remember when we got our first microwave and DVD players came out. Before that you had to use the VCR (confession: the hubby & I still have one VCR!).

  13. You spelled the dial-up sound exactly like it sounded! Before DVRs (I still don't have one of those, or a TV actually) if you wanted to see a show that was on after your bedtime, you had to put a tape in the VCR and set it to record, and then the TV had to stay on the channel of the thing you wanted to watch.

  14. bahahah!!! Love this post!! xo

  15. forgot AIM and actually having to use the house phone to call friends.

  16. Love this list! I remember one of my friends got her own phone line in her room...we all thought that was fancy and super awesome. Also, waiting until my favorite songs came on the radio and making mixed tapes. I miss TGIF, that was a good line-up! Full House, Family Matters, Boy Meets World...yep I tuned in each Friday!


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