Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Must Have Makeup Staple

So as some of you might know by now girlfriend loves her makeup. To me if you're going to be investing in something that is going to be slathered on your face you might as well get something that is good quality and will last all day.

I walked into Sephora the other day and asked the woman if she could recommend anything for my under eye circles. I had gotten Sephora gift cards for christmas and wanted to let my freak flag fly with them.

She took one look at me and said "Ok, I don't know what you're doing now, but sweet heart it aint workin'"

All I could hear in my head was Emma Stone from "Easy A" going "oooooohhhh buuuuuurrrrn"

Sure enough I looked in their mirror and saw 2 yellow stripes under my eyes glaring back at me. See, I try to place myself in situations where there will only be dimly lit lighting. Ya know, romantic restaurants after 6pm, the movie theaters, dungeons...

I had no clue that the setting powder I was using for my under eye concealer was leaving a yellow tint behind. But its ok, something magical happened in Sephora that day. The florescent lighting that was along the perimeter of the mirror I was looking at had started to part and illuminate a glow and I swear I could hear angels start to gently sing in the background when the make up artist showed me this.

Dear Laura Mercier: If we ever cross paths I'll be the girl with the fabulous under eyes and awesome dance moves. Just putting that out there.

This setting powder is amazing. There is no pigment, its just an iridescent powder that is meant to brighten your skin. It leaves your skin looking like a mob of pixies came along and did the macarena on your face.

No, thats a good thing. Just stay with me.

I was skeptical at first since there was no pigment to this powder, but thats the point. It's meant to let your natural color come through and just give it that little extra "Umph".

It can be used as an all over powder or just as a setting powder for any cream or liquid foundation.

This is officially going in the beauty vault-o-awesome. It's not meant to cover any discoloring or blemishes, but it helps to brighten your features once placed on top of any concealers you use.

What are some of your new beauty faves?


  1. I never ever though I'd prefer those eyeliners that twist to give you the liner (versus pencils you have to sharpen, which have always been my favs), and I know how bad waterproof mascara is for your eyelashes. So to find a twisty waterproof eyeliner that was the bestest I'd ever used? Totally floored. It's Stila's WaterProof Smudge Stick in ... whatever they call their black with teeny sparkles in it. I have oily skin, and if I put this stuff on for work and get home at 5:30, it still looks fab.

  2. I LOVE Laura Mercier products. They are awesome!!

  3. What were you using previously? I have luck with Benefit eyebright + boi-ing if you ever want to check those out.

    <3amy (ohnocapslock)


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