Thursday, February 21, 2013



(yes cap-locks and obnoxious use of vowels was totally necessary) (my apologies to every english teacher out there whose left eyeball just started to twitch uncontrollably) (the twitching will wear off in about 5 hours, 6 hours TOPS. Promise)

The Yellow Heart Art Spring 2013 Collection is now large and in charge. If I were a teenage boy selling snacks at a baseball game I would be running up and down the stadiums yelling "GETCHA PRINTS, STAMPS, PLUSHES & JOURNAL OVAH HEA!"

Oh, you saw the word "Journals" didn't you? Yes, its true, we added journals to our shop! BUT this is just a "soft launch" for now. I only created one design in limited quantities to see if you all would love 'em or leave 'em. Here is how i am planning to use our new journals:

• Since its small enough to place in my purse I'd carry it on me and make note of all the fun things that happened to me through out the day, then look  back on my year-o-awesome when the journal was filled up.

• Leave it by my night stand and jot down any gnarly dreams that happened to me that night

• Whip it out every time I heard "…Hold Please" while on the phone and then spend the next 5 minutes of listening to an instrumental version of Michael Jacksons "Beat It" doodling in my book.

• Use it as a mini scrapbook to keep track of fun moments and memories. Its going to be my "catch all" for all my movie ticket stubs, concert tickets, photos and other mini trinkets.

Our prints got a bit of a facelift too! I still kept our signature "quirky" prints and teamed them up with some motivational ones as well.

The popular "Happy Mail Day" stamp now comes in a different design as well! The square format is perfect for smaller letters and packages.

(pssst awesome card by Julie Ann Art found here)

Know someone whose celebrating a birthday? Our newest mini cupcake plush set would make a perfect gift!

Take a peek at the entire collection! Click on the category below that you want to visit:

New Prints | New Stamps | New Plushes | New Journal

And I'm not saying that coupon code "ONSALE15" will give you 15% off your entire purchase from now till February 22nd 12AM EST buuuuuut it might (ok it does)

We are also launching a new campaign…but more about that tomorrow!


  1. ohmygoodness Leonora!! I LOVE IT ALL!!!! That journal is super adorable and I love the stamp + plushies!!! Great job girl!! xo

  2. Looooove everything!!!!! You are incredible!!!!

  3. You're stuff is awesome and I love how you write! Makes me smile. :-)


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