Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Add Length to Your Hair in Minutes

I guess I unintentionally made this week on the blog "beauty week"? Between yesterdays skin brightening powder and now today's insta-hair posting!

By the way, before I get a ton of emails from you guys going "YOU FRAUD I THOUGHT YOUR LOCKS WERE TOO LEGIT TO QUIT" fear not angry villagers, put down the flaming torches, the photo above was back in 2009 when I decided to cut off a foot of hair and do the trendy angled "Beckam Bob". Rest assured guys my mane that is now waist long is legit.

The one thing that was my saving grace when it came to growing out my 'do was my clip in hair extensions that I  bought from Sally Beauty Supply. I had paid $70 for mine back in 2008, now it looks like the price went up to $89.  You don't have to get THIS brand, just make sure whatever brand you do buy is REAL human hair (Yes I know just look past the fact that you're wearing someone else's hair for the sake of beauty)

Here is why you need to nab a pair for yourself:
• Make sure to buy the ones that are real human hair and NOT synthetic. Think barbie hair--do you want your hair to look like Barbies? Yes the real human hair ones are more money but since its real hair you can flat iron them, curl them and wash them just like your regular hair. When the ends start to split just trim them with scissors. Mine have been with me since 2008 and STILL holding strong.

• They will help you grow out your hair when you are going through an "awkward phase". Plus it is cheaper and healthier for your hair to buy clip ins then to go to the salon and have them sewed or glued to your actual hair.

• Even when you are done growing out your hair (like me) I still wear them when I want my hair to look more polished and fuller. Usually to a wedding or a nice dinner. I even sometimes wear them in the summer when I am fighting a losing battle with humidity.

• Don't want to commit to the Ombre trend? Simply buy long hair extensions in a shade that is slightly different than your hair color. The longer pieces peeking out from your hair will give it that ombre affect. Also, if you hate it just simply dye the hair extensions your natural hair color (again you can do this with the REAL human hair extensions)

• No one can tell you have clip in hair extensions. They will be clipped underneath your hair so your regular hair will hide any clips.

How To Wear:
They are super simple to apply, and they do stay in your head all day long. They come in long horizontal strips. You just section off your hair horizontally and clip them in! There are a ton of video tutorials on youtube if you wanted to physically see how to do it.

Did i make you a believer? Are you going to hop on the hair extension train?


  1. I am soooooo in the awkward phase of growing out my hair. But on a right budget can't afford this option! But if I could I would!

  2. hello hottie!! i love it! i need some extensions!!

  3. Such a cute picture. We at cmyfabrik love us some fake hair!! We're always cutting it off and wanting it back the next day, so having boxes of hair laying around is great for those days where you want MORE MORE MORE.


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